Guan Ni Lai Zi Na Ke Xing (2021)

Overall: Guan Ni Lai Zi Na Ke Xing is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2021). Guan Ni Lai Zi Na Ke Xing cast: Ma Hao Dong, Zhao Jing Yi. Guan Ni Lai Zi Na Ke Xing Release Date: 5 November 2021. Guan Ni Lai Zi Na Ke Xing Episodes: 30.

Guan Ni Lai Zi Na Ke Xing Detail

Drama: Guan Ni Lai Zi Na Ke Xing (2021)
Network: Tencent Video
Main Stars: Ma Hao Dong, Zhao Jing Yi
Country: China
Genres: Romance, Drama
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 5 November 2021
Season: 1
Aired: 5 November 2021-28 November 2021
Aired On: Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Episodes: 30
Also Known As: Regardless of which star you are from , 管你來自哪顆星, 管你来自哪颗星, Guan Ni Lai Zi Na Ke Xing 2021

Guan Ni Lai Zi Na Ke Xing Synopsis and Plot Summary

Xing Xing is the proprietor of a traditional hanfu apparel keep. She has a brilliant personality and could be very hard working. One day, she becomes abducted by a mysterious guy from Tianting Xing. Tinting Xing is a celestial celebrity sect from heaven that has existed for over 5000 years. She additionally has unexpectedly fallen in love with Yu Tianqi, the grandson of Tianting Xing chief. As she learned greater about the Celestial Stars, she found that she was honestly the crystallization of the forbidden love affair of the human ‘immortal’.

The 1/2-human 1/2-immortal within the international was a fantastic cloth for cultivating “Mortal Pills”. At the identical time, due to her love affair with Tianqi, she was seemed like a thorn in the attention by means of the leader of Tianting xing, and he wanted to eliminate her. How has Xing Xing dealt with the winning issues? How need her love for Tianqi to retain her? Xingxing and Tianqi desired to stay on Earth forever for love and decided to clear up those unknown mysteries together.

Guan Ni Lai Zi Na Ke Xing Cast

Ma Hao Dong as Yu Tian Qi

Zhao Jing Yi as Xing Xing

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