Grandma’s New World (2023)

Overall: Grandma’s New World is a Chinese Adventure, Drama (2023). Grandma’s New World cast: Yan Ni, Ancy Deng, Zhang Yao. Grandma’s New World Release Date: 7 May 2023. Grandma’s New World Episodes: 18.

Grandma’s New World Detail

Drama: Grandma’s New World (2023)
Network: iQiyi
Director: Chiang Hsiu Chiung
Writer: Li Qiang
Main Stars: Yan Ni, Ancy Deng, Zhang Yao
Genres: Adventure, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 7 May 2023
Season: 1
Aired: 7 May 2023-15 May 2023
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Episodes: 18
Also Known As: Si Ben De Wai Po, 私奔的外婆, Gone Grandma, 外婆的新世界, Grandma’s New World 2023

Grandma’s New World Synopsis and Plot Summary

To find grandma who ventured out from home a long while back, a granddaughter and her grandmother’s more established twin sister set out on an inspiring excursion together.

Quite a while back, grandmother out of nowhere took off from home to see the world, to get herself and restart her life. After five years, her family coincidentally found out about news about her. In that capacity, Dou Qi is joined by grandmother’s twin sister on an excursion to tracking down grandmother.

While voyaging together, Pair Qi paid attention to the anecdotes about her own grandma to find out about her encounters. It reverberated with her as well as caused her to understand her secret strength that is amazing on occasion and thoughtful now and again. Starting with one stop then onto the next, the riddle encompassing grandmother is gradually sorted out.

Grandma’s New World Cast

Yan Ni as Sun Yu Ping / Sun Yu Lan

Ancy Deng as Dou Qi

Zhang Yao as Dou Xiao Jing

Lu Fang Sheng as Support Role

Zhao Bin as Support Role

Yin Zhi Xuan as Support Role

Li Mu Ran as Support Role

Wang Yue Xi as Support Role

Li Zhen Zhen as Support Role

Lu Xing Chen as Support Role

Gong Xiao Rong as Support Role

Jiao Gang as Huo Lin

Guo Ke Yu as Han Ling

Lin Rui Xue as Support Role

Yao Chen as Zhu Mei Hong

Wang Luo Dan as Huo Wei

Mei Ting as Jiang Li Qin

Huang Yao as Liao Xiang Mei

Vivi Miao as Hai Yan

Geng Le as Chen Tong

Hou Yan Song as Guest Role

Li Nai Wen as Zhou Sheng Jie

Duan Bo Wen as Guest Role

Li Ping as Guest Role

Deng Fei as Guest Role

Nicholas Wang as Guest Role

Liu Lin as Tian Shu Fang

Zhang Zi Xian as Ding Wen Chao

Li Qian as Yang Hua

Wang Yan Zhi as Wan Jia Li

Zou Yuan Qing as Yang Liu

Huang Zhi Zhong as Guest Role

Xin Yun Lai as Guest Role

Kang Qun Zhi as Guest Role

Shen Bao Ping as Guest Role

Chi Peng as Guest Role

Tian Xiao Jie as Guest Role

Zhang Lu as Chang Hong

Li Jun Xian as Guest Role

Gong Xiao Xuan as Guest Role

Wen Mo Yan as Guest Role

Fan Xiao Yang as Guest Role

Fu Jun as Guest Role

Kou Zhi Guo as Guest Role

Shi Yue Ling as Guest Role

Zhang Xiao Qian as Guest Role

Guo Ke Yu as Han Ling

Ma Yin Yin as Sun Yu Ping / Sun Yu Lan Young

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