Grab Your Love (2024)

Grab Your Love is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2024). Grab Your Love cast: Wang Xuan, Tan Yan Yan, Sun Qi Xuan. Grab Your Love Release Date: 2024. Grab Your Love Episodes: 24.

Grab Your Love Detail

Drama: Grab Your Love (2024)
Main Stars: Wang Xuan, Tan Yan Yan, Sun Qi Xuan
Genres: Romance, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2024
Season: 1
Episodes: 24
Also Known As: Zhan You Jiang Xi, 佔有姜西, Grab Your Love 2024

Grab Your Love Synopsis and Plot Summary

Min Jiangxi who lost his parents in a house fire had the desire to be the part the story of Min Jiangxi, who lost his parents in an fire.

He wished to be part of in the “Qin Qin family” as the head in Kun City and aspired to be”the “first female teacher” But she was swindled by Qin Zhan who Qin Zhan, the head of the family. Qin Zhan Qin Zhan, the Qin Zhan is the current leader of Qin Family.

Wang Xuan accidentally gets confused with the word “cheating woman” but it is a lie with an ulterior purpose.

In a critical moment, Min Jiangxi relied on her expertise to help the Qin family in resolving their business issues.

Qin Zhan was impressed by her and decided to hire her to be a teacher in her family. Qin family.

The two people who were close friends during the day as well as later in the night, were attracted by Qin Zhan’s former lover, Feng Jingyun.

Dissatisfied, Min did not hesitate to summon Jiang Dong, the Qin family’s rivals Jiang Dong to frame Min Jiangxi.

To determine the guilt of Min Jiangxi of any guilt, Qin Zhan conducted an exhaustive investigation.

She found out that the fire that occurred in Min Jiangxi’s home in the past actually had a connection to Min family’s history and is linked with the Feng families. Then, there is a huge plot being exposed.

Grab Your Love Cast

Wang Xuan as Qin Zhan

Tan Yan Yan as Min Jiang Xi

Sun Qi Xuan as Feng Jing Yun

Zhou Pei Chen as Lu Yu Chi

Luo Wei Chen as Support Role

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