Good Night Beijing (2021)

Overall: Good Night Beijing is a Chinese Movie (2021). Good Night Beijing cast: Amber Kuo, Jaycee Chan, Ying Zhuang. Good Night Beijing Release Date: 12 March 2021. Good Night Beijing.

Good Night Beijing Detail

Movie: Good Night Beijing (2021)
Director: Jaycee Chan
Main Stars: Amber Kuo, Jaycee Chan, Ying Zhuang
Genres: Movie
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 12 March 2021
Season: 1
Aired: 12 March 2021
Also Known As: Beijing Wan Jiu Zhao Wu, Beijing Wan 9 Chao 5, 北京晚9朝5, Good Night Beijing 2020

Good Night Beijing Synopsis and Plot Summary

About a gathering of youngsters who have come from better places to seek after their fantasies in Beijing.

Good Night Beijing Cast

Chen Bo Lin as Main Role
Amber Kuo as Main Role
Jaycee Chan as Main Role
Ying Zhuang as Support Role
Jiang Chao as Support Role
Erica Xia-Hou as Support Role
Jackie Chan as Guest Role
Nicholas Tse as Guest Role
Eric Tsang as Guest Role
Jin Chi as Guest Role
Ying Da as Guest Role

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