Glamorous Outrage (2021)

Overall: Glamorous Outrage is a Chinese Comedy, Romance, Drama (2021). Glamorous Outrage cast: Mao De Shu. Glamorous Outrage Release Date: 2021. Glamorous Outrage Episode: 1.

Glamorous Outrage Detail

Drama: Glamorous Outrage (2021)
Director: Mao De Shu
Main Stars: Mao De Shu
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2021
Season: 1
Aired: 2021
Also Known As: Mi De Ren Bu Xiang Hua, 迷人的不像话, Glamorous Outrage 2021

Glamorous Outrage Synopsis and Plot Summary

Twenty-5-yr-old Ding Liaoliao works in a radio station. Recently, the freshest software ”Ye Xing Fei Jian” is hiring an a newscaster. Ding Ding is confident to get the job. However, this system’s unique newscaster Lian Geyao wants a male associate to work together with her. Ding Ding accidentally overheard that Lian Geyao is going through problems along with her residence and needs to discover a new region to live in. To get her dream activity, Ding Liaoliao volunteers to offer Lian Geyao a spare room in her house for a less expensive rent. However in reality, Ding Ding and her brother, Ding Man lives in a 3-room flat and days ago, has provided the remaining room to a professor, Jiang Kan.

In the contract, if the owner backs out inside the ultimate minute, they must compensate the tenant supply instances the original price of the rented room. After dialogue, Ding Liaoliao comes to a decision provide Ding Man’s room to Jiang Kan. However, Jiang Kan is not familiar with the siblings. Ding Man attempted to get near with Jiang Kan, but Jiang Kan does no longer like socializing and alternatively, errors that Ding Man is interested by him. He brings Ding Man to have a look at pretty ladies and reignite his interest in women; and also lied to him pronouncing that he’s interested by his sister. Ding Man became pleased upon hearing that, questioning that Jiang Kan can stay with Ding Liaoliao within the destiny.

Lian Geyao changed into about to transport in, so Ding Liaoliao has no choice but to admit the state of affairs to her. In the end Jiang Kan and Ding Man temporarily remains in a room, whilst Lian Geyao stays with Ding Liaoliao. Lian Geyao also tries to cover the truth that she is a fujoshi, inflicting confusion amongst her house mates.
In a house, 4 youths with extraordinary identities and personalities live collectively, generating memories of warmth, humor and love.

Glamorous Outrage Cast

Mao De Shu as Director

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