Formed Police Unit (2023)

Overall: Formed Police Unit is a Chinese Action, Movie (2023). Formed Police Unit cast: Johnny Huang, Wang Yi Bo, Elaine Zhong. Formed Police Unit Release Date: 2023. Formed Police Unit.

Formed Police Unit Detail

Movie: Formed Police Unit (2023)
Director: Lee Tat Chiu
Writer: Wu Meng Zhang
Main Stars: Johnny Huang, Wang Yi Bo, Elaine Zhong
Genres: Action, Movie
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2023
Season: 1
Also Known As: Wei He Fang Bao Dui, Zhong Guo Wei He Jing Cha, 中国维和警察, 維和防暴隊, Peacekeeping Riot Squad, 维和防暴队, Formed Police Unit 2023

Formed Police Unit Synopsis and Plot Summary

A story that follows the Chinese peacekeeping police who go abroad to finish their missions.

They are faithful and given to risking their lives to safeguard others effectively answering the call from relating nations to keep up with security and solidness on the planet.

This time around, how might they face the new round of difficulties coming their direction.

Formed Police Unit Cast

Johnny Huang as Yu Wei Dong

Wang Yi Bo as Yang Zhen

Elaine Zhong as Ting Hui

Jason Gu as Jiang Xiao Yang

Zhao Hua Wei as Du Yi Fan

Yin Xiao Tian as Yan Zheng Ming

Joyce Feng as Ah Qin

Sun Yi Han as Support Role

Liu Xue as Huang Liang

Audrey Ottaviano as “Host”

Stuart Forbes as British Journalist

Thomas Fiquet as Fabio

Khalid Ghanem as French journalist

Ou Hao as Guest Role

Zhu Ya Wen as Guest Role

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