Forever Love (2020)

Overall: Forever Love is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2020). Forever Love cast: Wang An Yu, Xiang Han Zhi, Chen Ze. Forever Love Release Date: December 2020. Forever Love Episodes: 24.

Forever Love Detail

Drama: Forever Love (2020)
Network: Tencent Video
Main Stars: Wang An Yu, Xiang Han Zhi, Chen Ze
Director: Wen De Guang
Genres: Romance, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: December 2020
Season: 1
Aired: December 2020
Also Known As: Bai Nian Zhi Hao, Yi Yan Wei Ding, One Hundred Years Old is Good, 百岁之好,一言为定, Forever Love 2020

Forever Love Synopsis and Plot Summary

About the narrative of Jiang Zhen Han and Xia Lin Xi, who since senior high cohorts experience love unexpectedly. From going to similar college to turning out to be partners grinding away spot. An adoration that rises above time, from youth to development, from school uniform to wedding dress. This is the sentimental excursion of Zhen Han and Lin Yi who in the long run become a couple.

Forever Love Cast

Wang An Yu as Jiang Zhen Han
Xiang Han Zhi as Xia Lin Xi
Chen Ze as Chen Yi Chuan
Pan Mei Ye as Gu Xiao Man
Zhao Hao Hong as Zhang Huai Wu
Yuan Hao as Qin Yue
Yang Yue as Shi Ying
Tong Nian as Shen Wen Yue
Miao Xi Lun as Duan Ning
Jiang Rui Ze as Zhuang Fei
Xu Le Wei as Xu Zhi Li
Chi Ning Ning as Support Role
Fan Zhen as Chu Qiu Yan

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