Flying Up Without Disturb (2024)

Flying Up Without Disturb is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2024). Flying Up Without Disturb cast: Li Hong Yi, Lu Ting Yu, Xu Jia Qi. Flying Up Without Disturb Release Date: 2024. Flying Up Without Disturb Episodes: 32.

Flying Up Without Disturb Detail

Drama: Flying Up Without Disturb (2024)
Director: Roger Lau
Writer: Bi Yong
Main Stars: Li Hong Yi, Lu Ting Yu, Xu Jia Qi
Genres: Romance, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2024
Season: 1
Episodes: 32
Also Known As: Wu Rao Fei Sheng, 勿擾飛升, 勿扰飞升, Flying Up Without Disturb 2024

Flying Up Without Disturb Synopsis and Plot Summary

Konghou is a princess subjugated who was left out in the world of mortals, and then stumbled into the realm of immortality on a whim and began the process of adoring the female character.

The masters, brothers, and the secret society across the street The entire immortality world loved the heroine.

To endure the hardships to sharpen his thinking Hong Hou took on his first step outside into his own comfort zone. He asked to climb the mountain to investigate.

He was introduced to Huan Zong, a sickly man, and they transformed to fight monsters, and entered the realm of immortality.

In a shocking way, Huan Zong turned out to be the master of creating fairy tales that Huan Zong was always obsessed with. He was also the renowned cultivator.

Kong Hou, a genius of the immortal realm, who successful in bringing the author back into the sect as his son-in law.

They also conquered their fears and reached breakthroughs in development through repeated experiences, and they both became masters of the new generation.

Flying Up Without Disturb Cast

Li Hong Yi as Zhong Xi / Huan Zong

Lu Ting Yu as Kong Hou

Xu Jia Qi as Ling Bo

Zhang Zhi Hao as Lin Hu

Fan Xiao Dong as Tan Feng Xian

Tina Li as Qiu Shuang

Zu Ka Er as Jiao Tong

Gong Xun as Support Role

He Yi Chen as Zhou Xiao Xian

Guo Tian Qi as Jin Ling

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