Flourish In Time (2021)

Overall: Flourish In Time is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2021). Flourish In Time cast: Ancy Deng, Zhang Ling He, Ryan Ren. Flourish In Time Release Date: 28 May 2021. Flourish In Time Episodes: 24.

Flourish In Time Detail

Drama: Flourish In Time (2021)
Network: Tencent Video
Director: Jiang Jin Lin
Writer: Wang Ruo Ke
Main Stars: Ancy Deng, Zhang Ling He, Ryan Ren
Genres: Romance, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 28 May 2021
Season: 1
Aired: 28 May 2021-9 June 2021
Aired On: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Also Known As: Wo He Wo De Shao Nian Shi Guang , Me And My Youth , Me and My Bright Youth , Me and My Time , Wo He Wo De Shi Guang Shao Nian, 我和我的时光少年, Flourish In Time 2021

Flourish In Time Synopsis and Plot Summary

A vehicle coincidence is the cause why Lu Miao abruptly has a new older brother, Jiang Hao Yue. Lu Miao practices numerous martial arts and will become the female knight to Jiang Hao Yue, the fallen prince. Similarly, Jiang Hao Yue stands via Lu Miao to protect her in his own manner. For Lu Miao, Jiang Hao Yue is the moonlight that she has spent her whole teens chasing after, but the moon receives its mild from the solar. Without her knowing, she have become the sun that illuminates Jiang Hao Yue’s complete world. As Lu Miao enters excessive school and makes new pals, she gradually realizes that her emotions for Jiang Hao Yue cross past that of siblings. Shi Che’s arrival brings upon a robust experience of unease for Jiang Hao Yue. Soon enough, the brother and sisterly love evolves into younger love.

Flourish In Time Cast

Ancy Deng as Lu Miao
Zhang Ling He as Jiang Hao Yue
Ryan Ren as Shi Che
Nono as Su Dai Fei
Zhang Jia Shuo as Qu Wei
Tan Yan Yan as Xie Zi Ye
Guo Xin Yu as Support Role
Yang Tong Shu as Support Role
Wang Xin as Support Role
Zhao Yang as Support Role

Flourish in Time Trailer

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