Filter (2024)

Filter is a Chinese Comedy, Romance, Drama (2024). Filter cast: Tan Jian Ci, Landy Li, Gao Han Yu. Filter Release Date: 2024. Filter Episodes: 30.

Filter Detail

Drama: Filter (2024)
Network: CCTV
Director: Chen Yue Jin
Writer: Tong Hua
Main Stars: Tan Jian Ci, Landy Li, Gao Han Yu
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2024
Season: 1
Episodes: 30
Also Known As: Lv Jing, 濾鏡, 滤镜, Filter 2024

Filter Synopsis and Plot Summary

A new filtering technology bracelet lets normal Su Chengcheng to have the capability to alter her appearance. Su Chengcheng turned into a stunning female “Su Miao”, a female doctor “Fang Jin”, and an angry woman “Quan Sheng Tang”, which allowed her to turn to a new beginning and assisted those who were weak to defend justice.

In the same way, Tang Qi was moved by Su Miao, who was honest and righteous. Tang Qi was a fan of Fang Jin, who shared the same ideals and was awed by the beautiful and beautiful Quan sheng Tang. To protect secrets, Su Chengcheng had to make up big-time lies time and again, leading Tang Qi to lose his love once and for all.

In the midst of each attack that Tang Qi suffered, his eye condition became worse, which made Su Chengcheng felt guilty. In the end, Tang Qi uncovered the real story behind Su Chengcheng’s identity shift and discovered that he loved only Su Chengcheng.

A heart that is sincere and fervent is not influenced by the outside world and those in sync must face the arduous problems caused by the filter bracelet and the filter bracelet.

To build “Qian Niao Ji” into an elite beauty brand with distinctive Chinese characteristic, Su Chengcheng and Tang Qi collaborated on a range of new beauty products for the domestic market and urged all to experience “natural and confident real beauty”.

After undergoing a number of tests, Su Chengcheng finally realized that beauty shouldn’t be singular and unconsolidated. It is important to face the realities of life with our best self and strive to achieve our goals by hard work. Happiness is in the distance.

Filter Cast

Tan Jian Ci as Tang Qi

Jia Ze as Su Qing Li

Chang Long as Zhou Jin Li

Wang Hong Yi as Quan Sheng Tang

Gao Han Yu as Gu Yu

Luo Qiu Yun as Su Miao

Pu Tao as Fang Jin

Huang Si Rui as Lin Yuan

Sun Rui as Jiang Xi Zhen

Landy Li as Su Cheng Cheng

Ren Bin as Guan Sheng Yu

Chang Long as Zhou Jin Li

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