Fei Teng Ren Sheng (2022)

Overall: Fei Teng Ren Sheng is a Chinese Drama (2022). Fei Teng Ren Sheng cast: Elvis Han, Adi Kan, Zhou Ting Wei. Fei Teng Ren Sheng Release Date: 26 September 2022. Fei Teng Ren Sheng Episodes: 40.

Fei Teng Ren Sheng Detail

Drama: Fei Teng Ren Sheng (2022)
Director: Xu Zong Zheng
Main Stars: Elvis Han, Adi Kan, Zhou Ting Wei
Genres: Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 26 September 2022
Season: 1
Episodes: 40
Also Known As: Boiling Life , 沸騰人生, 沸腾人生, Fei Teng Ren Sheng 2022

Fei Teng Ren Sheng Synopsis and Plot Summary

Ai Changan and Shen Xia constitute Huaqi employees along with other university college students who’ve joined the organisation as interns. Their testimonies are related to the Chinese vehicle industry from which their livelihoods relied on.

In the mid-Eighties, a set of college graduates got here to an vehicle manufacturing facility located within the northwest to start their internship. Shen Xia who meant to take a look at overseas witnessed the development of the 7-ton truck and decides to stay. Together with Ai Chang’an, a younger technician on the manufacturing unit, they start their adventure to turning the tide for the enterprise. The market is ruthless such that the new generation of devoted men and women face endless problems. The backbone of Huaqi has almost been completely dug out by way of combatants.

Shen Xia and Ai Chang’an make bold selections to reform old mechanisms and expand new vans. They subsequently advantage a foothold in the market to grow to be a force that can not be not noted. Huaqi sooner or later will become one in every of China’s top 500 machinery groups with its products being exported remote places. The people who dedicated their youngsters to their work now not only won in their careers however also determined love.

Fei Teng Ren Sheng Cast

Elvis Han as Main Role
Adi Kan as Main Role
Zhou Ting Wei as Xu Chi
Jing Ru Yang as Yang Wei Wei
Ren Shuai as Ai Xia Bei
Cao Yan Yan as Qian Bao Zhen
Tang Yi Nuo as Ge Tai Ping
Miao Qing as Liu Qing Qing
Li Huan as He Xiao Jun
Sean Zhang as Ma Zhan
Li Jie as Ge Bao Zhong
Qian Jie as Wang Xiu Yan

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