Farewell, My Lad (2021)

Overall: Farewell, My Lad is a Chinese Movie (2021). Farewell, My Lad cast: Marco Zhang, Wendy Zhang, Liu Shuai. Farewell, My Lad Release Date: 27 August 2021. Farewell, My Lad.

Farewell, My Lad Detail

Movie: Farewell, My Lad (2021)
Director: Yin Ruo Xin
Writer: Yin Ruo Xin
Main Stars: Marco Zhang, Wendy Zhang, Liu Shuai
Genres: Movie
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 27 August 2021
Season: 1
Also Known As: White Sun, Goodbye Teenager, Zai Jian Shao Nian, Zai Jian, Shao Nian, Zoi Gin, Siu Nin, 再见少年 , 再見,少年, 再見少年, 再见,少年, Farewell, My Lad 2021

Farewell, My Lad Synopsis and Plot Summary

Li Fei, a decent understudy, and Zhang Chen Hao, a terrible kid, went to secondary school in a similar class. They each accomplished the progressions in their families under the tide of the occasions. Grabbing for the obscure coexistence, the two of them grew up industriously. Their universes, which was once endlessly close and joined by one another confronted outer pressing factors and contrasting individual decisions. They bit by bit float separated and continue on with life and various sides of the track. Before the school placement test, an extreme change occurred and destiny mediated to unite the two once more.

Farewell, My Lad Cast

Marco Zhang as Main Role
Wendy Zhang as Main Role
Liu Shuai as Da Liu
Qu Meng Ru as Song Juan
Jin Zi He as Liang Mu
Gao Liu as Boss lady

Farewell, My Lad Trailer

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