Enemy of Life (2023)

Enemy of Life is a Chinese Action, Thriller, Movie (2023). Enemy of Life cast: Francis Ng, Wallace Chung, Simon Yam. Enemy of Life Release Date: 27 October 2023.

Enemy of Life Detail

Movie: Enemy of Life (2023)
Writer: Danny Pang
Genres: Action, Thriller, Movie
Main Stars: Francis Ng, Wallace Chung, Simon Yam
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 27 October 2023
Season: 1
Also Known As: Storm of the Century, New World, Su Di, Shi Ji Feng Bao, Sau Dik, Sai Gei Fung Bou, 世纪风暴, 宿敵, 世紀風暴, Chaung Shi Feng Bao , Death Stranding, 困獸, 困兽, To Be Faced, 創世風暴, 创世风暴, 宿敌, Enemy of Life 2023

Enemy of Life Synopsis and Plot Summary

In 1998, the government was able to reduce the incidence of social crime, and also to improve the extremely chaotic underground gaming market.

The casino government began a serious crackdown against casinos that operate underground with the help of the gaming associations and police and also reissued the operating rights for newly constructed casinos via auctions.

Remove and regulate the gambling industry. Since auctions at different dates have led to changes in casinos, which sort of hidden secrets and nefarious interest are lurking?

Enemy of Life Cast

Francis Ng as Zuo Jun Zhe

Wallace Chung as Jiang Wen Feng

Simon Yam as Support Role

Eddie Cheung as Support Role

Myolie Wu as Support Role

Lily Ji as Support Role

Cen Ming as Support Role

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