Empathy Master (2021)

Overall: Empathy Master is a Chinese Comedy, Romance, Movie (2021). Empathy Master cast: Wang Zhi, Gao Xiao Pan, Yu Sha Sha. Empathy Master Release Date: 29 January 2021. Empathy Master.

Empathy Master Detail

Movie: Empathy Master (2021)
Main Stars: Wang Zhi, Gao Xiao Pan, Yu Sha Sha
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Movie
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 29 January 2021
Season: 1
Aired: 29 January 2021
Also Known As: Master of Empathy , Yi Qing Gao Shou , Yi Qing Da Shi , 移情大师, 移情高手, Empathy Master 2021

Empathy Master Synopsis and Plot Summary

Chen Jun Fei, runs a marriage mentoring focus. To finish the entrustment of an excellent customer named Shan Zhuo, Chen Jun Fei actually camouflaged himself as a fortune-telling expert. Startlingly, in a steady progression inconveniences followes them, and Chen Jun Fei, known as an expert of compassion, discovered that the commission this time, it’s very not unreasonably basic.

Empathy Master Cast

Wang Zhi as Shan Zhuo
Gao Xiao Pan as Chen Jun Fei
Yu Sha Sha as Support Role
Yi Yun He as Support Role
Crystal Huang as Support Role
Chi Shuai as Support Role
Jackie Lui as Support Role
Yan Dan Chen as Support Role
Clara Lee as Support Role
Ba Duo as Support Role

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