Eight Immortals (2022)

Overall: Eight Immortals is a Chinese Action, Drama (2022). Eight Immortals cast: Victor Huang, Li Qian, Joe Xu. Eight Immortals Release Date: 2022. Eight Immortals Episodes: 44.

Eight Immortals Detail

Drama: Eight Immortals (2022)
Main Stars: Victor Huang, Li Qian, Joe Xu
Genres: Action, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2022
Season: 1
Aired: 2022
Also Known As: Peng Lai Ba Xian, 蓬莱八仙, Eight Immortals 2022

Eight Immortals Synopsis and Plot Summary

The drama is based at the tale of Uncle Cao Guo, the closing immortal trainer of the Eight Immortals. He has long gone thru several generations of reincarnation, triumph over numerous difficulties and limitations, and subsequently completed the increase and transformation from human to god. It tells the story of the Eight Immortals punishing evil and promoting goodness and assisting the arena.

Eight Immortals Cast

Victor Huang as Uncle Cao Guo
Li Qian as Ying Ying Dragon girl
Joe Xu as Han Xiang Zi
Zhao Yi as Tie Guai Li
Leo Wu as Uncle Cao Guo Young
Luo Wen Bo as He Xian Gu One of the Eight Immortals
Benjamin Lee as Lu Dong Bin
Zhao Xiao Su as Lan Cai He
Guo Jiu Long as Zhang Guo Lao
Coco Shi as Empress
Lu Xing Yu as Lonely Mountain Demon
Yao Yu Xin as Flying Leopard
Mary Ma as Lady Qi
Wei Zi Han as Xiao Liu Zi Xiao Chi Jie

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