Drug Hunting (2022)

Overall: Drug Hunting is a Chinese Action, Thriller, Movie (2022). Drug Hunting cast: Yang Zi, Wang Qian Yuan, Shang Yu Xian. Drug Hunting Release Date: 2022. Drug Hunting.

Drug Hunting Detail

Movie: Drug Hunting (2022)
Main Stars: Yang Zi, Wang Qian Yuan, Shang Yu Xian
Genres: Action, Thriller, Movie
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2022
Season: 1
Also Known As: Lie Du , Lie Du Xing Dong , 獵毒 , 猎毒行动 , 獵毒行動, 猎毒, Drug Hunting 2022

Drug Hunting Synopsis and Plot Summary

Police female, Luo Jia, is going undercover at a drug cartel while concurrently main an anti-drug team to hunt down the final drug lord.

Drug Hunting Cast

Yang Zi as Luo Jia

Wang Qian Yuan as Main Role

Shang Yu Xian as Support Role

Liu Min Tao as Support Role

Ding Hai Feng as Support Role

Li Jiu Xiao as Support Role

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