Dreams and Glory (2021)

Overall: Dreams and Glory is a Chinese Drama (2021). Dreams and Glory cast: Hou Jing Jian, Huang Xiao Ming, Liu Jin. Dreams and Glory Release Date: 25 May 2021. Dreams and Glory Episodes: 40.

Dreams and Glory Detail

Drama: Dreams and Glory (2021)
Network: Dragon TV
Director: Liu Jiang
Main Stars: Hou Jing Jian, Huang Xiao Ming, Liu Jin
Genres: Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 25 May 2021
Season: 1
Aired: 25 May 2021-15 June 2021
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Also Known As: Guang Rong Yu Meng Xiang, 光荣与梦想, Dreams and Glory 2021

Dreams and Glory Synopsis and Plot Summary

In vintage China at the start of the 20th century, the warlords seized the people and did now not live. Hunan Youth Mao Ze Dong actively participated inside the progressive motion, installed the Marxist notion under the steering of Li Da Zhao and Chen Du Xiu, and took part inside the founding of the Communist Party of China. Worker Zhao Zhao followed him all of the way and became close to Chen Du Xiu. Chiang Kai Shek rebelled towards the revolution, and Li Chun Feng joined the reactionary camp. Mao Ze Dong launched the fall harvest uprising to increase into Jinggangshan to create a base, and Zhao Yu Chi became a innovative soldier.

Chiang Kai Shek endured to encircle and suppress the Soviet region, Mao Ze Dong changed into excluded from the celebration, ensuing in the failure of the fifth anti-encirclement and suppression, the Red Army was pressured to Long March. The Zunyi Conference at the Long March Road showed Mao Ze Dong’s management and saved the birthday celebration and the Red Army. The Japanese invaded China, and the CCP united all walks of life throughout the us of a to win the War of Resistance. Chiang Kai Shek launched a civil conflict to suppress the Communists, and Mao Ze Dong commanded the three predominant battles of the People’s Liberation Army to pressure Chiang Kai Shek to Taiwan.

The U.S. Emperor made a comeback and burned the conflict to the Yalu River. Mao Ze Dong determined that the Chinese People’s Volunteers might ship troops to North Korea, and defeated the U.S. Emperor in a bloody three-year conflict, and gained the first rate victory in resisting U.S. Aggression and useful resource to Korea. The new China led by way of the Communist Party of China simply stands in the east.

Dreams and Glory Cast

Hou Jing Jian as Mao Ze Dong Young
Huang Xiao Ming as Zhou En Lai Young
Liu Jin as Zhou En Lai Older
Zhang Yi Shan as Deng En Ming
Gao Yuan Yuan as Song Mei Ling
Jerry Li as Zhang Guo Dao
Huang Jue as Wang Jing Wei
Luo Jin as Support Role
Wu Gang as Chen Du Xiu
Jiang Wu as Support Role
Han Geng as Support Role
Vengo Gao as Yang Jing Yu
Li Xiao Ran as Song Qing Ling
Da Zuo as Bo Gu
Nie Yuan as Ye Ting
Claudia Wang as Yang Kai Hui Mao Ze Dong’s wife
Li Nai Wen as Peng De Huai
Yu Zhen as Liang Xing Chu
Ma Shao Hua as Sun Zhong Shan Sun Yat Sen
Wang Jin Song as Chiang Kai Shek
Ma Yuan as Chen Yi Young
Cheng Yu as Support Role
Feng Lei as Ren Bi Shi
Zhang Xi Lin as Yang Hu Cheng
Yin Xiao Tian as Zhang Wen Tian
Kevin Tan as Li Long Fei
Zhang Tong as Li Da Zhao
Tim Yu as Jiang Xian Yun
Lin Jiang Guo as Fang Zhi Ming
Han Qing as Support Role
Han Li as Lin Biao Young
Guo Xiao Feng as He Shu Heng
Zhu Hong Jia as Support Role
Wang Yi Sheng as He Long
Cao Lei as Nie Rong Zhen
Bruce Xie as Hou Jing Ru
Cao Ke Fan as Fu Zuo Yi
Sun Ning as Lan Bing
Ni Da Hong as Huang Jin Rong
Guo Tao as Support Role
Sunny Wang as Wang Hui Wu
Guo Jia Ming as Hong Xue Zhi
Ryan Zheng as Zhang Xue Liang
Ji Ta as Chen Geng
Gabrielle Guan as Liu Si Qi
Chen Du Ling as Fu Dong Ju
Gang Yi as Su Yu Older
Tang Guo Qiang as Mao Ze Dong Older
Shi Xin as Deng Xiao Ping
Du Juan as Deng Ying Chao
Daniel Gu as Luo Rong Huan Young
Hu Ya Jie as Luo Rong Huan Older
Wu Hao Chen as Mao An Ying
Zhao Bo as Liu Shao Qi Young
Fan Lei as Xiao Jing Guang
Wang Hui Chun as Dong Bi Wu
Shi An as Qu Qiu Bai
Wang Mao Lei as Song Zi Wen
Wang Bo Wen as Yu Ji Shi
Jiang Han as Zhao Seng San
Yang Zi Hua as Zhang Fa Kui
Wang Bo Qing as Wang Yao Wu Older
Du Zhao as Huang Wei Young
Zhang Lei as Huang Wei Older
Zhao Huan Yu as He Ying Qin

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