Dream House (2022)

Overall: Dream House is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2022). Dream House cast: Pan Yue Ming, Angel Wang, Sun Jian. Dream House Release Date: 28 April. Dream House Episodes: 40.

Dream House Detail

Drama: Dream House (2022)
Network: CCTV
Director: Cui Liang
Main Stars: Pan Yue Ming, Angel Wang, Sun Jian
Country: China
Genres: Romance, Drama
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 28 April 2022
Season: 1
Aired: 28 April 2022-25 May 2022
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Episodes: 40
Also Known As: Ideal House, Xin Ju Zhi Yue, Li Xiang De Fang Zi , 理想的房子 , 新居之約, Dream House 2022

Dream House Synopsis and Plot Summary

Yang Guang is the manager of a small indoors decorator enterprise. He simplest desires to make a living and take suitable care of his relatives. However, his over tolerance of his family triggered primary issues. He then joins a larger corporation and turns into a mission manager there in which he meets the proficient clothier Chen Xi. Yang Guang and Chen Xi belong to two worlds absolutely.

They dislike each other first of all because of a misunderstanding. When they begin working collectively, they suddenly discover they sync well. After running collectively to create a amazing project, they triumph over prejudice and emerge as partners.

The problems and setbacks in the industry have no longer defeated the concepts and bottom line of the 2 people, but lead them to greater determined, and try to create the “ideal residence” for clients. In this process, they in reality apprehend the meaning of “home”. With their unremitting efforts, their careers ascend further, and love blossoms.

Dream House Cast

Pan Yue Ming as Yang Guang
Angel Wang as Chen Xi
Sun Jian as Jing Yu Heng
Li Yi Tong as Song Xiao Yu
Liu Tian Zuo as Liu Jian Dong
Dai Si as Sun Ning
Zhang Kai Li as Xie Shuna
Dong Xuan as Ye Lan
Run Chen as Xiao Hongjie
Zhang Yan Yan as Judy
Lei Mu as Cai Yunfeng
Zhu Jin Tong as Tian Tian
Zhao Long Hao as Lao Si
Yue Yao Li as Uncle Shen
Feng Qian as Hu Jun Chai
Liu Wei as Uncle Liu
Mu Li Yan as Aunty Liu
Xu Mei Ling as Qian Ying

Additional Cast

Gao Yu Qing as Song Fu Gen
Li Kun as Cao Lu Lu
Ma Wen Zhong as Chen Ke Wei
Liu Ben as Xiao Zhu
Han Shuo as Wu Hui
Xu Ge as Shu Ying
Liu Wei as Uncle Liu
Gao Bao Baoas Aunt Fang
Wang Shan Shui as Su Tong Wen
Lu Yan Bei as Cheng Xin Yao
Liu Qiu Shi as Liu Ya Ming
Lu Zi Hang as Chen Chen
Jenny Zhang as Shen Xing Nan
Zhang Ya Meng as Shen Xing Jiang
Cui Xin Xin as Wang Jing
Jiang Rong as Luo Pei Shan
Zhang Yi Hang as Alex
Jia Tong Bo as Li Jia Liang
Zhao Chong Yue as Mr. Zhou
Zheng Xiao Wan as Ya Huan’s mother
Li Hong Lei as Xue Wen Da
Ren Luo Min as Uncle Chen

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