Deep Lurk (2021)

Overall: Deep Lurk is a Chinese Action, Thriller, Drama (2021). Deep Lurk cast: Cheng Yi, Ying Er, Liu Huan. Deep Lurk Release Date: 2021. Deep Lurk Episodes: 50.

Deep Lurk Detail

Drama: Deep Lurk (2021)
Director: Liu Guo Hui, Zhao Li Jun
Writer: Yang Nan Nan
Main Stars: Cheng Yi, Ying Er, Liu Huan
Genres: Action, Thriller, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2021
Season: 1
Aired: 2021
Also Known As: 迷局破之深潜, 迷局破之深潜, Deep Lurk 2021

Deep Lurk Synopsis and Plot Summary

Set before the Battle of Changsha, this is a tale about unrecognized yet truly great individuals during a period of fighting and follows a man who figures out how to battle for a more noteworthy reason in his excursion to discover his dad’s executioner.

To possess Changsha, the Japanese hotels to utilizing the ‘dark head servant’, an essential specialist that has been sneaking in China for a very long time to do a since quite a while ago arranged trickiness.

Yun Muzhi, an individual from the underground party of the Communist Party of China, is executed while researching the “dark steward.” Without knowing his dad’s actual character, his child Yun Hongshen (Cheng Yi) re-visitations of their old neighborhood of Changsha to find his dad’s killer.

His dad’s companion and confidant connect with assistance him. Yun Hongshen holds hands with Wen Yeming (Ying Er), a young lady energetic by her feeling of energy as they battle against endless chances.

Putting aside his own feud, Yun Hongshen participates in a destructive game with Japanese specialists to procure his compatriots an opportunity to win the war.

Deep Lurk Cast

Cheng Yi as Yun Hong Shen
Ying Er as Wen Ye Ming
Liu Huan as Support Role
Hou Meng Yao as Mi Lan
Zhang Tian Yang as Yun Hong Qi
Han Cheng Yu as Ling Han
He Zhong Hua as Support Role
Zhang Bo Yu as Support Role
Li Ze as Support Role
Cheng Mu Xuan as Li Miao Han
Sun Yi Fan as Liu Chao
Wu Yi Tao as Kawashima

Deep Lurk Trailer

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