Dangerous Bees (2023)

Dangerous Bees is a Chinese Action, Crime, Movie (2023). Dangerous Bees cast: Fu Da Long, Xu Ya Jun, Gao Zi Qi. Dangerous Bees Release Date: 15 September 2023.

Dangerous Bees Detail

Movie: Dangerous Bees (2023)
Main Stars: Fu Da Long, Xu Ya Jun, Gao Zi Qi
Genres: Action, Crime, Movie
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 15 September 2023
Season: 1
Also Known As: Du Feng, 毒蜂, Dangerous Bees 2023

Dangerous Bees Synopsis and Plot Summary

The brand new kind of substance “Honeybee” is wreaking havoc on the street of Jiangzhou. If the person who created the drug, also known as “Poison Bee,” is caught and brought to justice The formula that makes the drug could disappear which causes chaos in the underground.

The main character, Duan Cheng, escapes during a transfer, and then publicly asserts that he is one of the “only person who knows the formula for Honeybee.” Confronted with the enticement of the formula appearing in the criminal world, a variety of forces attempt to lure Duan Cheng.

After being subjected to pursuits and inhumane tortures, such as being forcefully injecting with substances, Duan Cheng infiltrates the drug smuggling ring. He disguises himself to be “bait,” he gradually becomes closer to the powerful drug lord referred to by the name of “Bee King.”

However, the Jiangzhou police launch”the “Bee Catcher Operation,” that will result in a battle between good and evil, the right and the right and.

Dangerous Bees Cast

Fu Da Long as Duan Cheng

Xu Ya Jun as Wei Da Qiang

Gao Zi Qi as An Tai

Hou Yong as Peng Zhan Wu

Ray Lui as Kuang Yang

Wang Ban as Feng Jin Gui

Zheng Xiao Ning as Chen Shang Zhi

Zhang Yi Ning as An Ting

Tiffany Zhang as Hu Yan An

Bai Qing Lin as Xu Jing

Maggic Fang as Ye Pu Lan

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