Crossroad Bistro (2021)

Overall: Crossroad Bistro is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2021). Crossroad Bistro cast: Chuo Ni, Wang Luo Dan, Lyric Lan. Crossroad Bistro Release Date: 11 July 2021. Crossroad Bistro Episodes: 30.

Crossroad Bistro Detail

Drama: Crossroad Bistro (2021)
Network: iQiyi, iQiyi
Director: Feng Xiao Gang
Writer: Chen Ping
Main Stars: Chuo Ni, Wang Luo Dan, Lyric Lan
Genres: Romance, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 11 July 2021
Season: 1
Aired: 11 July 2021-3 August 2021
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Sunday
Also Known As: Northern Ruins , Bei Zhe Nan Yuan, 北辙南辕, Crossroad Bistro 2021

Crossroad Bistro Synopsis and Plot Summary

About 5 girls who spread out a restaurant named Bei Zhe Nan Yuan in Beijing; and within the method they mature and obtain love. As the biggest shareholder of their eating place, You Shan Shan single-handedly delivered her exceptional girlfriends together. Bao Xue, an constructive little-regarded actress, and Dai Xiaoyu who lower back from overseas are cousins. Upon their reunion, they settle right into a every day life packed with limitless banter. The ultimate two shareholders are not to be underestimated. Si Meng is a housewife while Feng Xi went to Beijing for the sake of love.

Crossroad Bistro Cast

Chuo Ni as Si Meng
Wang Luo Dan as You Shan Shan
Lyric Lan as Bao Xue
Gina Jin as Dai Xiao Yu
Drolma Suijun as Feng Xi
Han Geng as Yu Song Yang
Zhang Xi Lin as Bao Qi Dong
Liu Xiao Qing as Granny Bai
Zhao Qian as Support Role
Ding Zhi Cheng as Support Role
Li Guang Jie as Support Role
Xu Fan as Support Role
Zheng Ye Cheng as Support Role
William Yang as Support Role
Liu Kai as Li Xiang Biologist
Zhu Yu Chen as Support Role
Wayne Wang as Support Role
Molly Wang as Support Role
Liu Hai Lan as Support Role
Zhao Yang as Support Role
Li Cheng Feng as Support Role
Li Zhi Mo as Support Role
Zhu Yi Long as Lv Wei
Huang Bo as Guest Role
Song Dan Dan as Guest Role
Ren Su Xi as Guest Role
Zhang Yi Shan as Guest Role
Olivia Jiang as Guest Role
Wang Zhuo as Guest Role
Yi Wang as Publishing director
Cheng Fang Xu as Cheng Kai
Xue Bo Wen as Shi Ying Jie
Zhang He as Shi Da Ming
Nina Wang as Ba Xiao Ding
Yu Bo as General Guan
Xu Zi Li as Unknown
Chang Shi Xin as Bao Xue’s roommate
Jia Shu Yi as Sister Sun
Zhang Miao Yi as Unknown
Ji Yong Qing as Mr. Chen
Li Jie as Dr. Liu
Fu Shou Er as Unknown
GAI as Unknown
Dai Xiang Yu as Movie actora
Amelie Xu as Zhou Dao

Crossroad Bistro Trailer

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