Criminal Profiler (2021)

Overall: Criminal Profiler is a Chinese Mystery, Drama (2021). Criminal Profiler cast: Yuan Fufu, Vanna Wang, Zhou Ti Shun. Criminal Profiler Release Date: 23 August 2021. Criminal Profiler Episodes: 12.

Criminal Profiler Detail

Drama: Criminal Profiler (2021)
Main Stars: Yuan Fufu, Vanna Wang, Zhou Ti Shun
Country: China
Genres: Mystery, Drama
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 23 August 2021
Episodes: 12
Season: 1
Also Known As: Painter , Hua Zui Shi, 画罪师, Criminal Profiler 2021

Criminal Profiler Synopsis and Plot Summary

Faced with the grief of his Master’s death, painter Cheng Ren took a photo left by means of the Master and launched into a adventure attempting to find the truth. The fact has lengthy been buried by way of records, however for the lifestyles of the residing and the death of the dead, Cheng Ren broke through numerous obstacles. The six instances contained in it seem to be independent, however underneath the research, the cases are inextricably connected.

Criminal Profiler Cast

Yuan Fufu as Cheng Ren

Vanna Wang as Support Role

Zhou Ti Shun as Yu Xiao Yi Constable

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