Court Lady (2021)

Overall: Court Lady is a Chinese Comedy, Romance, Drama (2021). Court Lady cast: Li Yi Tong, Xu Kai, Tan Jian Ci. Court Lady Release Date: 15 April 2021. Court Lady Episodes: 55.

Court Lady Detail

Drama: Court Lady (2021)
Network: Tencent Video, iQiyi, Youku, iQiyi
Director: Bai Yun Mo, Wang Xiao Ming, Wang Xiao Ming
Writer: Feng Nong
Main Stars: Li Yi Tong, Xu Kai, Tan Jian Ci
Country: China
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 15 April 2021
Season: 1
Aired: 15 April 2021-23 May 2021
Aired On: Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Also Known As: Sheng Tang Gong Lue , 盛唐攻略 , The Glorious Tang Stratagem , A Promenade through the Tang Dynasty , Daughter’s Daughter of the Tang Dynasty , 驯夫记 , 驯夫记之大唐女儿行 , Ode to Daughter of Great Tang , 大唐女儿行 , Da Tang Er Nu Xing , Court Lady , 大唐儿女行 , Da Tang Nu Er Xing , 大唐女儿行 , Li Ge Xing, 骊歌行, Court Lady 2021

Court Lady Synopsis and Plot Summary

Naturally introduced to advantage as the child of one of the establishing mainstays of the Tang Realm, Cheng Chu Mo has never wanted to accomplish more than appreciate the simplicity of his own life. Without any goals, no heading, and no desire, his life was one of inactivity and pointlessness yet all that changed, the day he originally looked at Fu Rou. The little girl of a nearby vendor, Fu Rou never envisioned she would be one to move significance in anybody, yet when she meets Cheng Chu Mo interestingly, that is actually what occurs.

In a split second enchanted by the far prevalent Fu Rou, Chu Mo is abruptly mindful of his own inadequacies and pledges to make himself deserving of Fu Rou’s affection. Committing himself to his investigations, Chu Mo fills in information and development, trusting that some time or another he will be sufficiently commendable to request Fu Ruo\’s hand in marriage. Over the long haul, he ends up emulating his dad’s example, electing to benevolently serve the country by protecting the coast against a band of ravaging privateers. While Chu Mo’s excursion towards significance puts him down one way, Fu Rou sets out on another.

Leaving her family to turn into an expert weaver in the illustrious royal residence, she before long ends up caught in castle plots that could put herself as well as her whole family, in harm’s way. Strolling ways that don’t frequently cross, Chu Mo and Fu Rou should depend entirely on their brains and expertise to defeat the steadily developing number of foes and impediments that hold them up. With such a lot of resistance before them, do these two predetermined spirits have the stuff to save their country and their adoration?

Court Lady Cast

Li Yi Tong as Fu Rou
Xu Kai as Cheng Chu Mo
Tan Jian Ci as Li Ke / Prince Wu [3rd son of Emperor
Wu Jia Yi as Li Jing / Princess Qinghe 11th daughter of Emperor
Kris Fan as Cheng Chu Liang
Li Ze Feng as Li Cheng Qian Crown Prince
Jiang Meng Jie as Su Ling Shu Consort of Crown Prince
Hong Yao as Yan Zi Fang
Vincent He as Hou Jie
Wang Yi Zhe as Cheng Xin / Fu Shui
Zhang Nan as Fu Yin
He Rui Xian as Hou Ying Ying
Ma Yue as Li Shi Min Emperor
Pu Miao as Empress Zhang Sun
Liu Min as Consort Yang Li Ke’s mother
Liu En Shang as Li Tai / Prince Wei 4th son of Emperor
Lin Peng as Princess Consort Wei Li Tai’s wife
Hei Zi as Cheng Yao Jin Cheng Chu Mo’s father
Huang Xin Yao as Su Ling Wei Su Ling Shu’s sister
Tang Zeng as Li Zhen / Prince Han 8th son of Emperor
Owen Cheng as Yu He
David Chou as Cheng Chu Bi
Hou Yan Song as Hou Jun Ji
Jackie Li as Ma Hai Niu
Zhang Yi Xi as Wu Cai Ren Wife of Li Shimin and later Li Zhi
Anson Shi as Li Zhi / Prince Jin Future Emperor Gaozong
Michelle Bai as Support Role
Wang Yuan Ke as Support Role
Wang Xun as Niu Wu Di
Louis Zheng as Ma Hai Hu
He Lei as Support Role
Anna Fang as Support Role
Xu Rong Zhen as Support Role
Nyle Feng as Zan Jun Mo
Wang You Jun as Fu Tao
He Jia Yi as Support Role
Li Chun Yuan as Support Role
Wang Yu as Support Role
Hu Wen Zhe as Yang Bai
Kevin Yan as Support Role
Huang Yun Yun as Xi Er
Lu Zhong as Han Jia Shu
Sun Dan Dan as Li Dian Yan
Yang Ruo Xi as Support Role
Ha Ni as Support Role
Angela Pan as Dowager Consort Wan Wife of Li Yuan
Duan Ran as Attendant Wu
Zhu Chun Jing as Unknown

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