Closer to You 2 (2023)

Overall: Closer to You 2 is a Korean Romance, Drama (2023). Closer to You 2 cast: Li Yi Nan, Zhang Tian Ai, Zheng Ying Chen. Closer to You 2 Release Date: 21 February 2023. Closer to You 2 Episodes: 24.

Closer to You 2 Detail

Drama: Closer to You 2 (2023)
Network: Youku
Director: Chen Rong Hui
Main Stars: Li Yi Nan, Zhang Tian Ai, Zheng Ying Chen
Genres: Romance, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 21 February 2023
Season: 2
Aired: 21 February 2023-16 March 2023
Aired On: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Episodes: 24
Also Known As: Wo De Ci Wei Nv Hai 2 , Wo De Ci Wei Nv Hai Zhi Nian Nian Bu Wang , 我的刺猬女孩2 , 我的刺猬女孩 第二季, 我的刺猬女孩之念念不忘, Closer to You 2 2023

Closer to You 2 Synopsis and Plot Summary

Having a similar expressive tone as the principal season, Nearer to You 2 follows Han Fei as she time travels to her college days and reunites with her sweetheart Wu Jing Hao who should lie oblivious in a medical clinic bed. They proceed with their romantic tale while attempting to settle the secrets of destiny.

A decade prior, Wu Jing Hao fell into a trance like state to save Han Fei; and she has been sitting tight for him to awaken from that point onward. By some coincidence, the 28-year-old Han Fei turns back the clock to the initiation function at the college grounds. In the event that things were as it used to be, Wu Jing Hao ought to have been in the clinic. All things considered, Wu Jing Hao has lost piece of his recollections. Yet again han Fei’s brain is igniting with questions yet she strolls into Wu Jing Hao’s life to proceed with their sentiment. All the while, she finds that there can be no getting away from destiny.

Closer to You 2 Cast

Li Yi Nan as Wu Jing Hao

Zhang Tian Ai as Han Fei

Zheng Ying Chen as Zhang Wen Wen

Zhou Zhan as Lin Ling

Mou Feng Bin as Han Wei

Zhao Lu as Chi Tao

Liu Wei Long as Ma Jun Tao

Zong Mu Yi as Bai Zhen Yu

Zhang Shu Hong as Yan Yun Tian

Wang Qian Guo as Hong Tu Nan

Xu Peng as Huang Huan

Kimi Yang as Yu Han

Xie Yao as Wang Chu Tong

Huang Qi Lin’er as Han Fei Young

Huang Yue Ran as Yang Jing Jing

Wang Rui as Zhang Fan

Yu Hao Yang as Wu Yi Yi

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