Chinese Police Eagle (2024)

Chinese Police Eagle is a Chinese Drama (2024). Chinese Police Eagle cast: Qian Yong Chen, Una You, EQUUS. Chinese Police Eagle Release Date: 2024. Chinese Police Eagle Episodes: 40.

Chinese Police Eagle Detail

Drama: Chinese Police Eagle (2024)
Genres: Drama
Main Stars: Qian Yong Chen, Una You, EQUUS
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2024
Season: 1
Episodes: 40
Also Known As: Zhong Guo Jing Ying, Jing Ying, 中国警鹰, 警鹰, Chinese Police Eagle 2024

Chinese Police Eagle Synopsis and Plot Summary

Police Flight was shaped to fulfill the desire of her father to fly, but she is a singer with a passion for music which she’s always wanted. Due to a conflict between her personal beliefs and the objectives of preparing the flight police.

She attempted to reach an agreement and was then reprimanded by the chief’s father, and also by their representative Yuan Ye. Yan is a man who has always been on track to become an amazing pilot and has promised to become an exceptional pilot.

But, the multitude of salvages led Yan to be awed by the weight of being an aviator in Police forces. After considering both the benefits of and disadvantages of aviators, Yan was unable to achieve her musical goals.

When Yan was likely to become the highest of the new official’s age in the flying police division also to be the leader of an air police force that received higher honors and awards, the police flying team was unable to prevent a fatality in the course of their operation, as one of of their team members passed away.

The police squadron flying team was astonished by an unusual situation. However, Yan and the police aeronautics team remained cool and did well in the “Eleven-Country Culmination” and were extremely appreciated.

Thanks to the efforts of Yan and the other officers who fly with the police, this newly formed avionics police team is being acknowledged and praised by other people, displaying the incredible skill and enthusiasm that is the most recent generation of police pilots in aeronautics.

Chinese Police Eagle Cast

Una You as Yan Yan

Liang Zhi Gang as Du Jian

EQUUS as Lin Sen

Qian Yong Chen as Yuan Ye

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