Chinese Peacekeeping Force (2024)

Chinese Peacekeeping Force is a Chinese Military, Drama (2024). Chinese Peacekeeping Force cast: ang Yan Lin, Li Xi Rui, Lin Zi. Chinese Peacekeeping Force Release Date: 2024. Chinese Peacekeeping Force Episodes: 52.

Chinese Peacekeeping Force Detail

Drama: Chinese Peacekeeping Force (2024)
Network: Tencent Video
Main Stars: Wang Yan Lin, Li Xi Rui, Lin Zi
Genres: Military, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2024
Season: 1
Episodes: 52
Also Known As: 蓝盔特战队, Blue Helmets: Special Team, Lan Kui Te Zhandui, 蓝盔, Lan Kui, Blue Helmets, 蓝盔特战队, Chinese Peacekeeping Force 2024

Chinese Peacekeeping Force Synopsis and Plot Summary

A peacekeeping unit from a specific Chinese military region was sent to the war-ravaged Celia region to be part of in the UN peacekeeping operation. Alongside, they also perform logistics, engineering and medical duties.

They also constituted the special service team, which was comprised of six members comprised of Captain Bian Xiang and Song Jianchen’s Deputy Captain, EOD Soldiers Feng Zhiyong, Wang Hai, medical soldiers Xie Mengjie and Network mastermind Qin Muyang. Wang Hai sacrificed his life to protect his fellow soldiers as did Lieutenant Zheng Qihan flew to Celia to join the special team of service.

A syphilis-like disease slowly spread. In the battle against the disease the Chinese peacekeeping force’s medical brigade saved the infected Celia civilians night and day. The terrorists and militants of Celia made use of the situation and sparked chaos.

The special service team led the international medical experts into the zone and eventually beat the disease. Each peacekeeping mission, the relationships between team members was also rekindled. Through the mediation of the UN peacekeeping force peace was restored to the Celia civil war ended.

The special service team was given the final mission of escorting the fallen comrades back to their homes. To ensure peace throughout the world, Chinese soldiers are always paying through tangible actions.

Chinese Peacekeeping Force Cast

Ryan Yao as Wei Zhi

Li Xi Rui as Tong Xiang Zhen

Hans Cui as Chen Xiao Peng

Wang Yan Lin as Nie Feng

Ge Qiu Gu as Support Role

Lin Zi as Zhu Zi Nan

Sun Yan Qing as Support Role

Steven Zhang as Feng Zhi Yong

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