Chang Le Qu (2024)

Chang Le Qu is a Chinese Mystery, Romance, Drama (2024). Chang Le Qu cast: Karlina Zhang, Wei Zhe Ming, Wang Zhen Er. Chang Le Qu Release Date: 2024. Chang Le Qu Episodes: 40.

Chang Le Qu Detail

Drama: Chang Le Qu (2024)
Network: Mango TV
Director: Wang Wei
Genres: Mystery, Romance, Drama
Main Stars: Karlina Zhang, Wei Zhe Ming, Wang Zhen Er
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2024
Season: 1
Episodes: 40
Also Known As: Chang An Tong Que Ming, 长安铜雀鸣, 長樂曲, 長安銅雀鳴, 长乐曲, Chang Le Qu 2024

Chang Le Qu Synopsis and Plot Summary

Yan Xing is an escort of the Yan House , zeroed in on under the organization of the Main Jail Top of the Assistance of Discipline since she was a youngster.

She has gained the abilities to deal with cases and can figure out the responses camouflaged in the certifiable confirmation through signs.

Yan Xing was confessed to the Assistance of Policing changed into a, not totally for all time laid out to figure out the genuine killer and stay aware of worth.

In any case, considering the way that the third sister created some distance from the marriage gave up by the Ruler Lady, to save the family, Yan Xing expected to wed her sister and wedded Shen Du the central minister of the Glorious Family. Odd cases happened regularly in Beijing.

Yan Xing and Shen Du teamed up to address different puzzling cases, and their relationship bit by bit warmed up during the method drew in with settling the cases.

Yan Xing, Shen Du and different partners teamed up to uncover the well conceived plan and safeguard the arrangement and worth of Xiang’an City.

Chang Le Qu Cast

Ding Yu Xi as Shen Du

Ancy Deng as Yan Xing

Amber Song as Yun Que

Mao Zi Jun as Lai Luo Zhi

Mao Lin Lin as Princess Yong An

Xiao Yan as Lu Chui Chui

Sun Ze Yuan as Pan Chi

Zhang Tian Yang as Xiao Chong | Da Cang’s prince

He Sai Fei as Empress Dowager Zhou

Ethan Yao as Xu Xiang Ren

Xuan Lu as Xu Wan

Zhang Da Bao as Yan Mo Jie | Yan Family’s fifth brother

Pan Yue Tong as Yan Yi Jiao

Yue Yang as Yan Kuo | Physician

Zhang Kai Ying as Yan Cai Wei | Yan Family third wife

Peng Xiao Ran as Empress Zhou

Han Cheng Yu as Mo Qian Zhi | Yingzhou’s governor

Gao Ji Cai as Jiang Liang Xing

Li Xin Ze as Xiao Huan / Emperor Xiao Heng

Karina Zhao as Aunt Jin

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