Challenges at Midlife (2022)

Overall: Challenges at Midlife is a Chinese Drama (2022). Challenges at Midlife cast: Lei Jia Yin, Yuan Quan, Jia Nai Liang. Challenges at Midlife Release Date: 23 February 2022. Challenges at Midlife Episodes: 38.

Challenges at Midlife Detail

Drama: Challenges at Midlife (2022)
Network: Dragon TV
Director: Jian Chuan He
Main Stars: Lei Jia Yin, Yuan Quan, Jia Nai Liang
Genres: Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 23 February 2022
Season: 1
Aired: 23 February 2022-15 March 2022
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Episodes: 38
Also Known As: Luo Hua Shi Jie , 落花时节, 相逢时节,Challenges at Midlife 2022

Challenges at Midlife Synopsis and Plot Summary

Jian Hong Cheng, the son of the Director of Linshui No.2 Agricultural Machinery Factory, falls in love at the beginning sight along with his university classmate Ning Yu. However he became continuously rejected, and handiest gave up on her while she graduated and were given married. His father, Jian Zhi Guo, become injured with the aid of his employee Cui Hao, and his health deteriorated, therefore passing at the manufacturing unit to him. In order to comfortable his son’s contracting rights of the manufacturing unit, Jian Zhi Guo additionally forces his daughter Jian Min Min to marry his disciple Zhang Li Xin, who briefly took over as the top of the factory. However, Zhang Li Xin secretly fights for authority. After Jian Zhi Guo passes away, Jian Hong Cheng left his village.

Many years later, Yu Ning changed into betrayed via her husband and got a divorce. Jian Hong Cheng discovers that Zhang Li Xin desired to sell the manufacturing unit to pay his money owed. Not willing to allow his father’s efforts go to waste, he returns to his homeland to guard the manufacturing unit. There, he reunites with Ning Yu and eventually reveals out the cause why Ning Yu saved rejecting him – she is the daughter of Cui Hao. Jian Hong Cheng makes use of his approaches to remedy the crisis to hand. However, Ning Yu’s brother, Ning Shu, secretly stored making hassle for him. Jian Hong Cheng and Ning Yu labored together to forestall their illogical spouse and children. Facing steady trifles, the two of them skilled the ache of mid-existence which permit them to know every other once more and also recognize the type of lifestyles they sincerely want.

Challenges at Midlife Cast

Lei Jia Yin as Jian Hong Cheng
Yuan Quan as Ning You
Jia Nai Liang as Tian Jing Ye
Lay Zhang as Ning Shu
Liang Guan Hua as Zhang Li Xin
Luo Hai Qiong as Jian Min Min
Lian Lian as Chen Xin Er
Sun Ning as Jian Hong Tu
Zhou Fang as Cai Ling Xiao
Liu Qiu Shi as Liu Zhi Cheng
Yan Xiao Ping as Ning Hui
He Jun Lin as Assistant Wang
Zhu Zi Mo as Hao Yu Huai
Kou Zhi Guo as Da Yan
Kira Shi as Gu Wei Wei
Xu Min as Father Hao
Li Xiao Yan as Mother Hao
Jiang Bai Xuan as Jian Zhi Guo
Qian Jie as Wang Chun Ping
Huang Jun Peng as Cui Hao
Zhang Jian Xin as Mother Chen
Kang Qun Zhi as Miss Xu
Feng Hui as Teacher Cao
Zhou Ye Mang as Father Tian
Wu Yi Tong as Zhang Jie
Li Chao as Xiao Tong
Lin Peng as Mr. Guan
Guo Qiu Cheng as Mr. Niu
Wang Qing as Li Na
Zhang Lu as Yuan Liu
Martine Ma as Zou Ting Ting
Song Mei Er as Xiao Jiang
Wang Chu Ran as Cheng Ke Xin
Li Nai Wen as Hao Qing Lin
Zhang Li as Luo Yi Gui
Zhou Tie as A Cai
Xia Meng as Ning You Young
Zhong Dan Ni as Jian Min Min Young
Tie Zheng as Zhang Li Xin Young
Li Dian Zun as Jian Hong Cheng Young
Jing Yan Jun as Tian Jing Ye Young
Yang Yu Tong as Chen Xin Er Young

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