Case 1922 (2022)

Overall: Case 1922 is a Chinese Thriller, Movie (2022). Case 1922 cast: Zhang Ya Qi. Case 1922 Release Date: 18 February 2022. Case 1922.

Case 1922 Detail

Movie: Case 1922 (2022)
Main Stars: Zhang Ya Qi
Country: China
Genres: Thriller, Movie
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 18 February 2022
Season: 1
Also Known As: 密案1922, Case 1922 2022

Case 1922 Synopsis and Plot Summary

The female ghost is resurrected inside the dark night! The Republic of China ghost kills! Bai Mi buried the corpse and devoured the soul, the ghost blade pierced the abdomen to kill the spirit, and the female ghost named her to dying! The scenes of “serial ghost killings” are stunning and terrifying! The contemporary situation is turbulent, the souls of grievances are scattered, and the spirits of grievances are scattered. Celebrities and tyrants encountered the Blade of Ghost Slayer one after every other, in a spread of depressing states and bloody.

The reasoning genius who back from overseas took over the secret case of the Midian woman ghost, but observed that he become trapped in an unsolvable conspiracy, and the entirety seemed to be manipulated by using the resurrected girl ghost! However, from the horrific scene of dying, from the lonely grave inside the deserted suburbs on wet nights, he found a stunning beyond story of unresolved ghosts.

Case 1922 Cast

Zhang Ya Qi as Han Qi

Li Jia Xuan as Unknown

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