Bystander (2023)

Overall: Bystander is a Chinese Drama (2023). Bystander cast: Chen Kun, Wang Yan Hui, Liu Min Tao. Bystander Release Date: 2023. Bystander.

Bystander Detail

Movie: Bystander (2023)
Director: Sonthar Gyal
Main Stars: Chen Kun, Wang Yan Hui, Liu Min Tao
Country: China
Genres: Drama
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2023
Season: 1
Episodes: 24
Also Known As: Unknown Truth , The Unknown Truth , Bu Ming Zhen Xiang , Pang Guang Zhe , 不明真相 , 旁观者, 旁觀者, Bystander 2023

Bystander Synopsis and Plot Summary

Chen Jia Hui gets back to his old neighborhood, in the wake of discovering that his dad was basically sick. By investigating the direction of his dad’s life, he continuously uncovered the mystery, that had been covered in his parent’s heart for a long time.

Bystander Cast

Chen Kun as Chen Jia Hui
Wang Yan Hui as Main Role
Liu Min Tao as Main Role
Wang Jin Song as Chen Wei Min
Chen Yi Sha as Support Role
Henry Shan as Support Role
Pema Jyad as Chen Jia Hui Young
An Ze Hao as Guest Role
Lu Ling as Guest Role

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