Bu Fu Ren Min (2021)

Overall: Bu Fu Ren Min is a Chinese Drama (2021). Bu Fu Ren Min cast: Lin Yong Jian, Yan Dan Chen, Yu Hao Ming. Bu Fu Ren Min Release Date: 2021. Bu Fu Ren Min Episode: 1.

Bu Fu Ren Min Detail

Drama: Bu Fu Ren Min (2021)
Main Stars: Lin Yong Jian, Yan Dan Chen, Yu Hao Ming
Genres: Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2021
Season: 1
Aired: 2021
Also Known As: 不负人民, Bu Fu Ren Min 2021

Bu Fu Ren Min Synopsis and Plot Summary

In view of neediness mitigation as the foundation of the occasions, the show for the most part rotates around the guideline city region panel secretary Guan Aimin played by Lin Yongjian. In light of the requirements of destitution mitigation and individual execution, he was out of nowhere moved to the distant sloping Lingshan County as the district party secretary.

Guan Aimin moved on from a renowned school. He has standards and desire. Notwithstanding, as a result of an avalanche mishap in Lingshan County, he was a political guide, Zhong Yao, the old secretary of Lingshan County, was genuinely harmed.

He unflinchingly complied with the association’s plan and filled in as Lingshan Secretary of the region party panel. Subsequent to getting to work, Guan Aimin directed examinations at the grassroots level and profoundly felt that Lingshan County was poor and in reverse, yet in addition confronted with an extreme circumstance, for example, free style of units and inclined to defilement.

He has consistently been in accordance with the first desires and mission of the Communists, and has conquered all hindrances en route. He at last won the fight against neediness, yet in addition advanced exceptional accomplishments in different social and monetary endeavors and won the sincere help of the individuals.

Bu Fu Ren Min Cast

Lin Yong Jian as Main Role

Yan Dan Chen as Main Role

Yu Hao Ming as Main Role

Lu Jian Min as Support Role

Wang Shi Huai as Support Role

Victoria Li as Support Role

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