Broken the Heart (2024)

Broken the Heart is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2024). Broken the Heart cast: Daisy Li, Deng Kai, Jin Wang. Broken the Heart Release Date: 31 January 2024. Broken the Heart Episodes: 22.

Broken the Heart Detail

Drama: Broken the Heart (2024)
Network: Tencent Video
Director: Wu Cheng Zhe
Main Stars: Daisy Li, Deng Kai, Jin Wang
Genres: Romance, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 31 January 2024
Season: 1
Aired: 31 January 2024-15 February 2024
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Episodes: 22
Also Known As: Shi Xin Chuan, 噬心, 噬心传, 噬心傳, 噬心, Broken the Heart 2024

Broken the Heart Synopsis and Plot Summary

Ban Ruo Shui is an innocent and gentle princess in the Yin kingdom, however, when she’s transferred to the Southern Jiang country. Southern Jiang.

She is subjected to a myriad of tortures and tortures that force her to make changes in order to achieve her freedom and autonomy.

The romance between her and Yu Wen Sheng, the prince of Northern Jiang, seems doomed regardless of the amount of love he has for her, his vengeance and hatred could result in ruining everything.

Broken the Heart Cast

Daisy Li as Ban Ruo Shui

Deng Kai as Yu Wen Sheng

Jin Wang as Lin Cang Wu

Bai Xu Han as Lin Shun Qin

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