Break Through (2021)

Overall: Break Through is a Chinese Action, Thriller, Movie (2021). Break Through cast: Ren Tian Ye, Julian Chen, Feng Wan He. Break Through Release Date: 2 September 2021. Break Through.

Break Through Detail

Movie: Break Through (2021)
Main Stars: Ren Tian Ye, Julian Chen, Feng Wan He
Country: China
Genres: Action, Thriller, Movie
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2 September 2021
Season: 1
Also Known As: Break Through the Line of Fire , Huo Xian Tu Wei , Fo Sin Dat Wai , 火線突圍, 火线突围, Break Through 2021

Break Through Synopsis and Plot Summary

A retired bodyguard fights a deadly duel with criminals to shop his daughter. Da Rong become once certainly one of Southeast Asia’s top bodyguards, but failed in mission that led to the loss of life of his brother. His wife also died at a similar time, which led a unhappy and annoyed Da Rong to retreat and live an ordinary existence. Unexpectedly, his rebellious daughter by accident receives concerned in criminal drug trade and turned into kidnapped. In order to store his daughter, Da Rong re-emerges again, on this rescue journey.

Break Through Cast

Ren Tian Ye as Darong
Julian Chen as Cha Long
Feng Wan He as Qi Qi
Yang Han as Support Role
Zhang Li Wei as Support Role
Lang Feng as Support Role
Hao Shuai as Support Role
Liu Wei Zhou as Support Role
Zhou Ji Wei as Support Role
Cui Zhen Zhen as Support Role

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