Born to Fly (2022)

Overall: Born to Fly is a Chinese Movie (2022). Born to Fly cast: Wang Yi Bo, Hu Jun, Yu Shi. Born to Fly Release Date: 30 September 2022. Born to Fly.

Born to Fly Detail

Movie: Born to Fly (2022)
Director: Liu Xiao Shi
Writer: Liu Xiao Shi
Main Stars: Wang Yi Bo, Hu Jun, Yu Shi
Country: China
Genres: Action, Movie
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 30 September 2022
Season: 1
Also Known As: King of the Sky , Chang Kong Zhi Wang , 長空之王 , 中国长空 , The Chinese Test Pilot, 长空之王, Born to Fly 2022

Born to Fly Synopsis and Plot Summary

This drama tells the tale of a unique operations crew headed by using ace pilots Lei Yu, Deng Fang, and so on., being ordered to finish an onerous flight venture. They hold to challenge the sky and the bounds of themselves with their advanced flying abilties and courage to die. Fear loss of life and create miracles. All types of surprising crises are also coming one after some other.

Born to Fly Cast

Wang Yi Bo as Lei Yu
Hu Jun as Zhang Ting
Zhou Dong Yu as Shen Tian
Bu Yu as Gao Ying Jun
Wang Zi Chen as Tong Gan
Zhai Yu Jia as Xia Peng Fei
Edwin Lu as Li Xiao Hang
Jeremy Qu as Jia Sheng Li
Tian Zhuang Zhuang as Chief Engineer Wei
Zheng Xiao Ning as Director Han
Zhao Zi Qi as Jiang Yu Zhen
Wang Qing Xiang as Deputy Commander Wang
Sun Qi Heng as Support Role
Cheng Tai Shen as Support Role
Pan Bin Long as Support Role

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