Born to Be the One (2024)

Born to Be the One is a Chinese Drama (2024). Born to Be the One cast: Yin Tao, Lawrence Wang, Zhang Ruo Nan. Born to Be the One Release Date: 2024. Born to Be the One Episodes: 40.

Born to Be the One Detail

Drama: Born to Be the One (2024)
Network: CCTV
Director: Jian Chuan He
Main Stars: Yin Tao, Lawrence Wang, Zhang Ruo Nan
Genres: Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2024
Season: 1
Episodes: 40
Also Known As: Wo Bu Shi Fei Chai, Fan Ren Ge, 我不是废柴, 我不是廢柴, 凡人歌, Born to Be the One 2024

Born to Be the One Synopsis and Plot Summary

Shen Lin who has been a full-time homemaker for the past five years, was confronted with the plight that the husband she married Na Wei.

Both spouses are both unemployed as is their child waiting to get fed. With the mortgage due each next month Shen Lin has a difficult time returning to her work place.

After repeatedly crashing into the wall, Shen Lin chooses to put up a stall in order for braised products in order to get re-employment.

Shen Lei, who graduated from an affluent school and works in the department of archives at the business and lives an unassuming life, residing in a secluded area away from all the noise. But his wife isn’t keen because he’s content with his status quo.

Following the divorce, Shen Lei’s faith waned He left his job and fled to Zhongnan Mountain to live in the privacy of his home.

Na Juan a programmer with an annual salary of a million dollars and suffered from anxiety disorder resulting from the high intensity work.

He tried to cover it up in the fear that he would lose his job and then he had a party in his way of life.

His partner Li Xiaoyue has a personality that is difficult to comprehend and the two of them who are in love slowly disappear.

In the face of their own struggles in their lives, they didn’t condemn themselves or blame themselves, but took on their own issues and endured the trials of their lives.

Born to Be the One Cast

Yin Tao as Shen Lin

Lawrence Wang as Na Wei

Zhang Ruo Nan as Li Xiao Yue

Zhang Zhe Hua as Na Juan

Chen Hao Yu as Xie Mei Lan

Qin Jun Jie as Shen Lei

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