Boom Backstage (2021)

Overall: Boom Backstage is a Chinese TV Show (2021). Boom Backstage cast: Chen Zhuo Xuan , K Lu, Babymonster An. Boom Backstage Release Date: 7 August 2021. Boom Backstage Episodes: 10.

Boom Backstage Detail

TV Show: Boom Backstage (2021)
Network: iQiyi
Main Stars: Chen Zhuo Xuan , K Lu, Babymonster An
Genres: Show
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 7 August 2021
Season: 1
Aired: 7 August 2021-23 October 2021
Aired On: Saturday
Episodes: 12
Also Known As: Bao Lie De Hou Tai, 爆裂的后台, Boom Backstage 2021

Boom Backstage Synopsis and Plot Summary

“Boom Backstage” is a documentary reality display. The application will recognition at the rehearsal of the Boom girls and the arrangements behind the scenes, displaying up close the competition procedure of the Boom women, showcasing a set of younger girl musicians.

Boom Backstage Cast

Chen Zhuo Xuan as Regular Member
K Lu as Regular Member
Babymonster An as Regular Member
Shan Yi Chun as Regular Member
Yamy as Regular Member
Lexie Liu as Regular Member
Zhou Jie Qiong as Regular Member
Song Yu Qi as Regular Member
VaVa as Regular Member
Betty Wu as Regular Member
Han Hong as Regular Member
Luo Yi Zhou as Guest
Snow Kong as Guest
Bibi Zhou as Guest
Cai Guo Qing as Guest
Meng Jia as Guest
Jackson Wang as Guest

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