Blood Problem (2024)

Blood Problem is a Chinese Mystery, Drama (2024). Blood Problem cast: Zhang Ruo Yun, Ma Si Chun, Cheng Xiao. Blood Problem Release Date: 2024. Blood Problem Episodes: 18.

Blood Problem Detail

Drama: Blood Problem (2024)
Network: Tencent Video
Director: Li Lu
Genres: Mystery, Drama
Main Stars: Zhang Ruo Yun, Ma Si Chun, Cheng Xiao
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2024
Season: 1
Episodes: 18
Also Known As: Blood Relativity, Theory of Relativity, Xie Yuan Xiang Dui Lun, Ren Zhi Chu, 血緣相對論, 血缘相对论, 人之初, Blood Problem 2024

Blood Problem Synopsis and Plot Summary

A corpse was discovered in the statue of a panda in Fangda Square in Binchuan City and brought two people who were closely linked to the incident together to resolve the mystery surrounding their life experiences.

Wu Fei Fei is from a family that is financially stable but is now suffering from a family crisis. Due to a string of events caused by her fiancé the ex-girlfriend of Xu Zhi Yang Wang Dan, Wu Fei Fei has a vague feeling that the bones of the panda’s body are linked to her father Wu Guo Hao. She is unsure about her personal life. The doubts were raised about his experiences.

The fates of these two people who appear to be unrelated are interspersed and separate, and they have to confront each other and work together. As a result, Gao Feng gradually saw the selfless sacrifice his adoptive parents silently sacrificed for him throughout time and reconciled with his desire to discover the truth about his blood relatives.

Then, due to the police’s relentless investigation and collection of evidence the secret that was sealed for over a decade was exposed and the suspect was arrested.

Blood Problem Cast

Ma Si Chun as Wu Fei Fei

Cheng Xiao as Long Yu

Zhang Ruo Yun as Gao Feng

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