Better Man (2022)

Overall: Better Man is a Chinese Comedy, Movie (2022). Better Man cast: Chang Yuan, Jackie Li, Wang Cheng Si. Better Man Release Date: 2022. Better Man.

Better Man Detail

Movie: Better Man (2022)
Main Stars: Chang Yuan, Jackie Li, Wang Cheng Si
Country: China
Genres: Comedy, Movie
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2023
Season: 1
Also Known As: Jue Wang Zhu Fu , 完美大丈夫 , 絕望主夫, 绝望主夫, Better Man 2022

Better Man Synopsis and Plot Summary

Due to an elevator accident, a steely man accidentally enters a “out of place” world that has grew to become him from a achievement master right into a “complete-time househusband”.

In a world wherein anyone’s positions have interchanged, Hu Tienan is now a househusband. What turned into once a accumulate together with his consuming pals has now was a splendor competition throughout afternoon tea.

He Tienan genuinely cannot endure how his existence has taken a complete one eighty. Yet there will come an afternoon when he will in the end learn how to empathise together with his spouse, to realize her silent willpower and to research the real that means of “love”.

Better Man Cast

Chang Yuan as Hu Tie Nan

Jackie Li as Xu Wei Wei

Wang Cheng Si as Gao Da

Guo Xiang Peng as Wang Fu Qiu

Gao Hai Bao as Zhou San Zhou

Zhou Da Yong as Old Qiao

Zoe Su as Fei Fei

Wang Ning as Guest Role

Huang Cai Lun as Guest Role

Li Cheng Ru as Father Yue

Li Ping as Mother Yue

Wang Zhi as Guest Role

Karina Zhao as Guest Role

Jiang Shi Meng as Guest Role

Wei Xiang as Guest Role

Pella Ng as Wang Fu Qiu’s wife

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