Bai Shou Bu Xiang Li (2021)

Overall: Bai Shou Bu Xiang Li is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2021). Bai Shou Bu Xiang Li cast: Jiang Jin Fu, Lee Dong Gun. Bai Shou Bu Xiang Li Release Date: 2021. Bai Shou Bu Xiang Li Episodes: 60.

Bai Shou Bu Xiang Li Detail

Drama: Bai Shou Bu Xiang Li (2021)
Main Stars: Jiang Jin Fu, Lee Dong Gun
Genres: Romance, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2021
Season: 1
Aired: 2021
Also Known As: 白首不相离, Bai Shou Bu Xiang Li 2021

Bai Shou Bu Xiang Li Synopsis and Plot Summary

At the hour of the battle between the North and the South, the public authority of the Great Ye Kingdom was constrained by Tai Hou Mi, who was brought into the world in Qianmi. The Qianmi family has lived in separation in the heaven like Qianmi holy spot for many years.

Its blood can be utilized as medication and the blood of the holy person is considerably more valuable. Hence, the Qianmi faction turned into the objective of chasing by the masters in pained occasions.

Qian Mi agent Qin Sang visited the embraced girl of Zhennan King Ji Xiaoli consistently for a very long time and took pills to conceal her character. Since Ji Xiaoli was not just the holy person of Qian Mi who Duan Mi was searching for, yet additionally Qin. Sang’s organic sister.

Qin Sang planned Xiaoli to go to the school of Chen Yubai, the public educator, and was honored by the public instructor. Chen Yubai, who is focused on ensuring the line, has a forlorn personality, yet when he coexists with Ji Xiaoli, he is softened by his blamelessness and generosity, and bit by bit gets enthusiastic.

After a wide range of misconceptions, Chen Yubai and Ji Xiaoli at last broke each other’s fondness, yet as of now, Duan Mi found the personality of Xiaoli, and needed to utilize the blood of a holy person to understand her desire to rule the world.

Qin Sang surrendered his life to secure his sister, and his fantasy was broken. With the assistance of Chen Yubai, Xiaoli forestalled a battle between the two nations with the request for the holy person, securing the wellbeing of the individuals, and the two at long last accomplished appropriate outcomes.

Bai Shou Bu Xiang Li Cast

Jiang Jin Fu as Unknown

Lee Dong Gun as Unknown

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