Back to the Origin (2024)

Back to the Origin is a Chinese Drama (2024). Back to the Origin cast: Luo Jin, Ren Su Xi, Zhou You. Back to the Origin Release Date: 2024. Back to the Origin Episodes: 40.

Back to the Origin Detail

Drama: Back to the Origin (2024)
Network: Hunan TV
Genres: Drama
Main Stars: Luo Jin, Ren Su Xi, Zhou You
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2024
Season: 1
Episodes: 40
Also Known As: Time difference of 10,000 kilometers ,Shi Cha Yi Wan Gong Li, 時差一萬公里, 时差一万公里, Back to the Origin 2024

Back to the Origin Synopsis and Plot Summary

Zhang Ran an anchor in the financial sector who did not like living a normal life in a foreign country. She accepted an offer from an Chinese MCN company and also brought her wife Fu Yudong back to China to become a comical “Internet celebrity”.

However, her husband whom she calls a decorator and has a doctorate, was at leading edge of the fashion and was made a “mascot the chief executive officer” of a new business. Since they began their relationship, they began their own adventure of transforming their lives, and fighting evil. They rediscovered their motives and their passion in the midst of loss.

Back to the Origin Cast

Ren Su Xi as Zhang Ran

Li Jian Yi as Support Role

Myolie Wu as Main Role

Liu Yang as Support Role

Sun An Ke as Support Role

Luo Jin as Fu Yu Dong

Zhou You as Main Role

Zhang Fan as Support Role

Wang Si Yi as Support Role

Guo Ke Yu as Support Role

Li Xiao Chuan as Support Role

Congo Pax as Support Role

Ming Dao as Guest Role

Huang Xiao Lei as Support Role

Liu Yuan Yuan as Support Role

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