Back From the Brink (2023)

Overall: Back From the Brink is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2023). Back From the Brink cast: Neo Hou, Zhou Ye, Yang Rong. Back From the Brink Release Date: 14 February 2023. Back From the Brink Episodes: 40.

Back From the Brink Detail

Drama: Back From the Brink (2023)
Network: Youku
Director: Sam Ho
Writer: Wang Ruo Ke
Main Stars: Neo Hou, Zhou Ye, Yang Rong
Country: China
Genres: Romance, Drama
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 14 February 2023
Season: 1
Episodes: 40
Also Known As: Hu Xin , Heart Protection , 護心 , Protect your Heart, 护心, Back From the Brink 2023

Back From the Brink Synopsis and Plot Summary

The ancient dragon Tian Yao was riddled with gaping wounds due to a lover’s betrayal, and his coronary heart become emptied. When the dragon is reborn, he meets Yan Hui. She will shield him with all her electricity in their fight to retrieve his final bones.

Twenty years in the past, Tian Yao became betrayed via the lady he loved, stripped of his dragon bones which are sealed in 4 directions. By danger, Tian Yao’s soul escapes from the seal. He senses a seal inside a lake and waits for his possibility.

Tian Yao sees a glimmer of desire upon encountering Yan Hui. She has the dragon inside her which could assist Tian Yao wreck the seal. Tian Yao makes use of Yan Hui for the reason of retrieving his frame elements.

She tries to escape however fails, but their courting best grows nearer. Over time, Tian Yao is moved by Yan Hui’s repeated efforts to save him. She also realizes that her connection to Tian Yao can in no way be severed. One thriller comes after the other as she learns approximately her genuine foundation.

Back From the Brink Cast

Neo Hou as Tian Yao
Zhou Ye as Yan Hui
Riley Wang as Bai Xiao Sheng
Chen Xin Yu as Xuan Ge
Zuo Ye as Feng Qian Shuo
Liu Yao Yuan as Qingqiu Zhuli
Liu Yu Feng as Zi Chen / Brother Chen Xing Shan
Pema Jyad as Fu Yin
Yang Rong as Su Ying
Zhang Kai Ying as Support Role
Zhang Wan Fang as Support Role
Ken Chang as Ling Xiao
Kenny Kwan as Chang Lan | Chen Yi
Tang Hao as Chang Lan Young

Additional Cast

Ji Chen as Lu Mu Sheng

Wang Zhi as Unknown

Yu Jiao Xi Li as Unknown

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