Back for You (2024)

Back for You is a Chinese Action, Romance, Drama (2024). Back for You cast: Angelababy, Wang An Yu, Zhang Yu Jian. Back for You Release Date: 2024. Back for You Episodes: 12.

Back for You Detail

Drama: Back for You (2024)
Network: iQiyi
Main Stars: Angelababy, Wang An Yu, Zhang Yu Jian
Genres: Action, Romance, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2024
Season: 1
Episodes: 12
Also Known As: Man Ying Xun Zong, 漫影尋蹤, 漫影寻踪, Back for You 2024

Back for You Synopsis and Plot Summary

In the beginning in the Republic of China, Alai an officer from the concession area, was pursued down by a gang of vicious criminals. As his life was hanging on an untold number of threads He was saved by a mysterious lady Luna who appeared from out of the blue. Luna was severely injured and was rushed to an induced unconscious state.

Alai utilized the comics she brought around with her to share her tales in hopes of awakening her inner savior. In the end, each story has a connection to cases Alai has dealt with and even help Alai to discover the clue to solving the mystery. Alai eagerly awaited Luna awakening more and more.

Alai got a promotion and an increase in salary due to his efforts in resolving the case. However, the secretly created his enemies. Alai found out the secret of Luna through clues. After an issue of the book was read Luna was awakened.

They lovers are absolutely in love one the other and his enemies are prepared to act. With the assistance by Luna, Alai regained his peace and tranquility and also his initial goal of becoming a policeman.

Back for You Cast

Angelababy as Lu Na

Wang An Yu as A Lai

Da You Wei as Dao Ba

Chen Bo Hao as A Feng

Guo Qian Wen as Xiao Qiao

Liu Xun as Bai Lang

Ben Wong as Li Qi

Liu Lei as Xiao Zhao

Su Dan as Ma Ke / “Mark”

Celina Harto as Mi Xue Er

Wu Xu Dong as Wei Lun

Lu Hong as Ai Lun

Patrick Zhang as Yuan San

CiCi Wang as Liu Meng / Xiao Rou

Xing Han Qing as Si Tu Xiong

Li Dian Zun as A Xiao

Niu Chao as Da Bing

Jim Yu as A Ming

Sheng Ying Hao as Jia Hua

Jelly Lin as Li Li

Cheng Xiao as Chun Ying

Kuang Mu Ye as A Jia

Zhang Yu Jian as Zi Dan / Mu Xue Feng

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