Babel (2022)

Overall: Babel is a Chinese Thriller, Mystery, Drama (2022). Babel cast: Qin Jun Jie, Liu Huan, Deng Jia Jia. Babel Release Date: 22 June 2022. Babel Episodes: 30.

Babel Detail

Drama: Babel (2022)
Network: Tencent Video
Main Stars: Qin Jun Jie, Liu Huan, Deng Jia Jia
Country: China
Genres: Thriller, Mystery, Drama
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 22 June 2022
Season: 1
Aired: 22 June 2022-20 July 2022
Aired On: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Episodes: 30
Also Known As: 偷窥一百二十天 , Tou Kui Yi Bai Er Shi Tian , 偷窥120天 , 偷窥 , Tong Tian Ta, 通天塔, Babel 2022

Babel Synopsis and Plot Summary

Lu Xiao is the chief of Haigang Police, who is astute and quiet. He is viewed as the tip top of the police force in spite of his young age, as he has tackled various troublesome cases. Be that as it may, he was confused by a peculiar instance of a drifting carcass, and the “Water Phantom” executioner. During the time spent examination, the executioner had the option to get away from various times with his unprecedented observational abilities. Along with his new flat mate Tooth Yi Tong, the two collaborate to get the executioner. Nonetheless, he additionally loses his dearest spouse, Jiang Yi Ran all the while and was nearly near the very edge of surrendering. With his colleagues’ support, Lu Xiao gets himself lastly gets the executioner, returning equity to the people in question.

Babel Cast

Qin Jun Jie as Lu Xiao
Liu Huan as Yu Sheng
Deng Jia Jia as Cui Shan
Maggie Huang as Jiang Yi Ran
Vivien Li as Fang Yi Tong
Lu Yan as Xiao Xia
Xiao Xian Peng as Xu Yan Yang
Chen Ran as Cheng Li Jun
Hong Jian Tao as Jin Jian Feng
Xue Jia Ning as Tao Ci
Wang Tian Yu as A Shui
Hao Ping as Sun Ju
Sang Ming Sheng as Luo Su
Du Shuang Yu as Liang Zi
Zhong Kai as Lin Zi Cui
Liu Yu Qi as Yi Bing
Jin Xian Zheng as Ci Wei

Mei Ting Ding as Ma Hong Mei
Stacy Han as Liao Qi
Ceng Xiao Long as Li Mao
Zhou Bo as Uncle Liu
Lin Peng as Wu Di
Zhang Xin Tong as Ning Ning
Chen Qian Hua as Xin Yuan
Chao Zhi Qian as Wang Dong
Michael Mao as Hao Dong Lang
Bi Han Wen as Hao Zi
Hu Bo as Fan Jia Fang
Zhou Mu Yang as Niu Yu Qin

Babel Trailer

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