Annular Eclipse (2021)

Overall: Annular Eclipse is a Chinese Thriller, Movie (2021). Annular Eclipse cast: Chen Zi Jin. Annular Eclipse Release Date: 7 October 2021. Annular Eclipse.

Annular Eclipse Detail

Movie: Annular Eclipse (2021)
Writer: Chen Zi Jin
Main Stars: Chen Zi Jin
Country: China
Genres: Thriller, Movie
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 7 October 2021
Season: 1
Also Known As: Annular Solar Eclipse , Ji Yi Qiu Long , Gei Yik Chau Lung , 記憶囚籠, 记忆囚笼, Annular Eclipse 2021

Annular Eclipse Synopsis and Plot Summary

It is 2030, and an terrific medical step forward has made Alzheimer’s Disease a curable contamination. The settlement killers Ge and Song execute perform every day missions for his or her agency. Ge appears bloodless-blooded and calm, however suffers from steady nightmares. As fragments of stressed reminiscences emerge during his missions, his risky situation jeopardizes his fate. His cold-hearted partner Song saves him, and regularly they fall in love. Meanwhile, Ge realizes that one of the subjects he terminated turned into someone he knew from the beyond. They infiltrate the Brain Science Lab to find out the fact. There he learns that his recollections are being manipulated by using someone, and even extra terrible, there may be a conspiracy behind it. In a dystopian future where perfect brainwashing is feasible due to the development of technology, people sense confusion approximately their identity and come to be doubtful approximately the gadget at the same time as people with energy dream of extra ambition.

Annular Eclipse Cast

Chen Zi Jin as Screenwriter


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