All the Way to the Sun Episode 11

All the Way to the Sun is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2023). All the Way to the Sun Episode 11 cast: Landy Li, Wang Yang, Naomi Wang. All the Way to the Sun Episode 11 Release Date: 19 August 2023. All the Way to the Sun Total Episodes: 36.

All the Way to the Sun Episode 11 Synopsis and Plot Summary

Li Mu Jia Li Mu Jia is a girl from Beidiao was accepted into the most well-known legal firm in Beijing following her graduation and worked hard at her work to make her an independent lawyer instead of the position of an assistant to administrative.

She was introduced to Li Guang, a shopping mall aficionado and then they began to develop friendships through the highs and lows of life together.

In the meantime, Li Mu Jia’s closest close friend Tian Rong failed to get an internship after her graduation.

After graduation she was an agent in real estate by error and was then married in an instant with Li Wan Bing, a boy from Beijing.

She was emotionally afflicted and fought because of her job and her marriage.

Li Mu Jia and Tian Rong had a number of setbacks but eventually they got the solution they were looking for.

The girls pursued their dreams and a desire for their lives radically altered their appearance in the real world. However, after 10 years of long and hard work and perseverance they finally came across the positive face of the world and were able get towards the sunshine.

All the Way to the Sun Episode 11 Detail

Episode Name: Episode 11
Network: CCTV
Main Stars: Landy Li, Wang Yang, Naomi Wang
Genres: Romance, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 19 August 2023
Season: 1
Total Episodes: 36
Episode Number: 11
Also Known As: All the Way to the Sun Episode 11 Season 1,一路朝阳

All the Way to the Sun Episode 11 Cast

Landy Li as Li Mu Jia

Wang Yang as Li Guang

Naomi Wang as Tian Rong

Wang You Jun as Lin Da

Yuan Ran as Support Role

Gao Ye as Wu Li Qiu

Xu Shao Ying as Li Wan Bing

Zhang Yi Shang as Chen Qing

Wang Hao as Ding Zhi Tan

Liu Wei Wei as Mu Jia’s mother

Ren Bin as Fan Hua Peng

Zhou Xiao Ou as Li Yang

Rong Fei as Fang Zhou

Wang Chao as Ding Zhi Tan’s father

Ding Jia Li as Ding Zhi Tan’s mother

Hou Yan Song as Tian Rong’s father

Zhai Xiao Xing as Feng Lu

Li De Long as Xiao Zhang \ Doctor

Wang Yu Ning as President Jiang

Tong Yue as Wang Wei

Hao Yang as Tian Rong’s mother

Lin Peng as Xia Cun

Hu Yao Zhi as Brother Jiang

Hou Xiao Tong as Xing Xiao Fei

Ji Chen Mu as Gu Sheng

Ma Shu Liang as Zhou Lao

Bao Da Zhi as Ou Yang Qiao

Ying Zhuang as Mr. Zhang

Pei Zheng Zheng as Xu Na Na

Zhang Jie as President Zhao

Qi Kui as Mo Da Hai

Chen Mu Yang as Jin Lei

Mark Han as Chen Qing’s father

Yang Qi Ru as Lu Xin Yu

Hu Ke Nu as Zhao Zhao

Liu Ning Hao as Zhong Jie’s brother

Meng Huan as Miao Miao

Jiang Yuan as Eva

Sun Kai as Xiao Pang Zi

Zhao Yi Lin as Summer

Zhu Ran as Yao Mu Xin

Yi Zhao Bo as Brother Mu

Wang Yi as Huang Jian Jun

Geng Yi Zhan as Chen Gang

Yang Da Peng as Insurance manager

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