All Ears (2023)

Overall: All Ears is a Chinese Movie (2023). All Ears cast: Hu Ge, Leo Wu, Qi Xi. All Ears Release Date: 9 September 2023. All Ears.

All Ears Detail

Movie: All Ears (2023)
Director: Liu Jia Yin
Writer: Liu Jia Yin
Main Stars: Hu Ge, Leo Wu, Qi Xi
Genres: Movie
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 9 September 2023
Season: 1
Also Known As: Well Worth the Trip, Bu Xu Ci Xing, Qing Ting, 倾听, 不虚此行, All Ears 2023

All Ears Synopsis and Plot Summary

The tale of Wen Shan who composes commendation professionally searching for replies in offsetting his relationship with the world.

The experience with common individuals of different sorts Wen Shan solaces others acquires warmth lastly tracks down his own life heading.

All Ears Cast

Hu Ge as Wen Shan

Leo Wu as Xiao Yin

Qi Xi as Shao Jin Sui

Bai Ke as Pan Cong Cong

Huang Lei as Guest Role

Hu Yao Zhi as Guest Role

Bai Ke as Pan Cong Cong

Sun Chun as Guest Role

Gong Bei Bi as Guest Role

Zhao Qian as Guest Role

Li Zhen Zhen as Guest Role

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