All About My Mother (2021)

Overall: All About My Mother is a Chinese Movie (2021). All About My Mother cast: Xu Fan, Zhang Jing Yi, Xu Ya Jun. All About My Mother Release Date: 19 September 2021. All About My Mother.

All About My Mother Detail

Movie: All About My Mother (2021)
Director: Zhao Tian Yu
Main Stars: Xu Fan, Zhang Jing Yi, Xu Ya Jun
Country: China
Genres: Movie
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 19 September 2021
Season: 1
Also Known As: Guan Yu Wo Ma De Yi Qie, 关于我妈的一切, All About My Mother 2021

All About My Mother Synopsis and Plot Summary

A daughter in her early twenties turned into so suffocated with the aid of her mom’s overwhelming love and interest that she felt the want to go away. This is a tale of a mom who is always imparting for her own family and the events that transpired as she was approximately to retire.

All her existence, Li Xiao Mei has desired to interrupt unfastened from her mom Ji Pei Zhen’s manage. Li Xiao Mei got here to Beijing on my own however did not make anything out of herself. She has an unsatisfactory activity and a relationship that has no future. She has no goals and no desires. Compared to her positive mom, Li Xiao Mei is the perfect example of a “dejected teenagers.” When a sudden visit from Ji Pei Zhen disrupts Li Xiao Mei’s ordinary, she discovers that the whole thing approximately her mother does now not appear to be as easy as what’s seen at the floor.

All About My Mother Cast

Xu Fan as Ji Pei Zhen
Zhang Jing Yi as Li Xiao Mei
Xu Ya Jun as Li Wen Fang
Zhang Xin Yi as Liu Mei
Chen Ming Hao as Ji Pei Qi
Estelle Wu as Grandmother
Toby Lee as Zheng Yi

All About My Mother Trailer

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