After The Stars (2020)

Overall: After The Stars is a Chinese Drama (2020). After The Stars cast: Jeanette Aw, Jojo Goh, Shaun Chen. After The Stars Release Date: 16 December 2020. After The Stars Episodes: 20.

After The Stars Detail

Drama: After The Stars (2020)
Main Stars: Jeanette Aw, Jojo Goh, Shaun Chen
Genres: Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 16 December 2020
Season: 1
Aired: 16 December 2020
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Also Known As: 攻星计, After The Stars 2020

After The Stars Synopsis and Plot Summary

A striving diva Tian Ai (Jeanette Aw) was hauled through the mud when a senior spread her standing. In any case, in a turn of occasion, her standing was restored, winning her fans and backers as well as a worldwide honor. However, upon the arrival of the honor, Tian Ai met with a mishap and her face was deformed.

Numerous years after the fact, Tian Ai has exchanged vocation and is currently an artiste administrator at Guo Yu’s (Shaun Chen) organization. Guo Yu poaches a first rate artiste chief Yi Ting (Jojo Goh), and Tian Ai regularly rivals her to come out top. Yet, esteem and companionship before long create between the two, anyway that was scrutinized when the two ladies experienced passionate feelings for Guo Yu.

Tian Ai recaptures the memory she lost during her mishap, and recollects how Guo Yu treated her before. Her affection goes to disdain as she starts getting her retribution, however when she discovers reality behind Guo Yu’s previous activity, she is devastated…can she actually go back in time and stop the wheel of retaliation?

After The Stars Cast

Jeanette Aw as Zheng Tian Ai
Jojo Goh as Fang Yi Ting
Shaun Chen as Zhang Guo Yu
Kelly Liao as Guo Yao
Steven Jiang as Chen Wei
Danny Lee as Fang Chong De
Eelyn Kok as Elaine
Christopher Lee as Le Jun

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