Above the Rivers (2024)

Above the Rivers is a Korean Crime, Drama (2024). Above the Rivers cast: Gao Wei Guang, Chen Shu, Yuan Wen Kang. Above the Rivers Release Date: 11 March 2024. Above the Rivers Episodes: 40.

Above the Rivers Detail

Drama: Above the Rivers (2024)
Genres: Crime, Drama
Main Stars: Gao Wei Guang, Chen Shu, Yuan Wen Kang
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 11 March 2024
Season: 1
Aired: 11 March 2024-1 April 2024
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Episodes: 40
Also Known As: Power on the River, 江河之上开机, Jiang He Zhi Shang Kai Ji, Jiang He Zhi Shang, 江河之上, Above the Rivers 2024

Above the Rivers Synopsis and Plot Summary

First environmental justice show in China “Above the River” was broadcast on the prime time slot, and simultaneously aired via iQiyi as well as Tencent.

The drama is written by Zhou Yaping and stars Gao Weiguang Chen Shu, Yuan Wenkang along with Lu Xiaolin.

It is a look at the amazing instances of judicial practice for protecting the environment in Yangtze River Basin, telling the story of the environmental resources judge Luo Yuan, a court consultant Xia Weidong and others.

This is the story of a group committed and promising judicial professionals who fought against criminals who were illegal and pollution crimes, defended the environment and ecosystem and explored reforms to the judicial system, and protected the rights of the public through a variety instances of protection for the environment.

Above the Rivers Cast

Gao Wei Guang as Luo Yuan

Chen Shu as Professor Xia

Yuan Wen Kang as Geng Nian

Lu Xiao Lin as Lin Hai Lan

Dai Si as Su Zhuo Lawyer

Dong Chang as Jiang Dan Prosecutor

Huang Zi Qi as Pang Yun Assistant Judge

Liu Yu as Nie Wen Legal Clerk

Mu Ye as Ning Ni Lawyer

Liu Zhi Bing as Support Role

Xing Jia Dong as Support Role

Xue Hao Wen as Support Role

Lang Yue Ting as Support Role

Liu Tian Zuo as Support Role

Zhao Yang as Support Role

Bai Wei as Support Role

Zhang Yi Fan as Support Role

Huang Zi Xing as Support Role

Mu Li Yan as Support Role

Fang Xiao Li as Support Role

Ren Yu as Support Role

Sui Yong Liang as Support Role

Yu Ming Yang as Support Role

Lin Jing as Support Role

Song Yun Cheng as Support Role

Ma Wen Zhong as Support Role

Kong Song Jin as Wen Shan Shan

Chang Hua Sen as Gu Yu

Liu Shu Yuan as Support Role

Denny Deng as Support Role

Zhao Lei Qi as Support Role

Ren Qing An as Support Role

Yang Zhen as Support Role

He Jun Lin as Support Role

Sun Xue Ning as Support Role

Sun Yan Xiang as Support Role

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