A Soldier’s Story (2024)

A Soldier’s Story is a Chinese Comedy, Drama (2024). A Soldier’s Story cast: Jiang Long, Shi Ce, Qin Hai Lu. A Soldier’s Story Release Date: 25 January 2024. A Soldier’s Story Episodes: 24.

A Soldier’s Story Detail

Drama: A Soldier’s Story (2024)
Network: CCTV
Genres: Comedy, Drama
Main Stars: Jiang Long, Shi Ce, Qin Hai Lu
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 25 January 2024
Season: 1
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Episodes: 24
Also Known As: Gou Sheng Kuai Pao, Wo Bu Shi Wang Mao, 我不是王毛, 狗剩快跑, A Soldier’s Story 2024

A Soldier’s Story Synopsis and Plot Summary

Gou Sheng villager, who was had a marriage to earn money. He was also an officer for the shrewd Wang Mao to make money.

When his lover adversary Yang San learned of Gou Sheng’s plan, he manipulated Gou Sheng to join in the New Fourth Army, which did not have a conscription fee.

After fighting several wars, Gou began to realize his New Fourth Army was different from the other soldiers. This Japanese Army brutally executed Gou Sheng’s fiancée Wang Mao and Xing’er. Wang Mao.

Gou Sheng grew to be aware of the brutality in the Japanese army, as well as the ugliness of war. Myolie’s demise also stirred Yang San’s resentment towards the Japanese.

Gou Sheng Yang San, Wang Daju Xing’er’s parents, as well as others who were victimized by the Japanese and gathered for the purpose of exposing Japanese army’s hypocritical, people-friendly plot, and launched an anti-Japanese protest in the evening of New Year’s Eve.

To avenge his children to avenge his children, to avenge his children, the Iron Rooster King donated all his money to the anti-Japanese party which was led by Gou Sheng and Yang San.

He and his villagers made use of the wine they brewed at home to create bombs. They also burned to the ground Japanese camps for military. The anti-Japanese riot was incredibly brutal.

Gou Sheng went through the rites of war and was astonished to realize that without a nation there wouldn’t be a family. He was transformed from a humble farmer to a New Fourth Army soldier.

A Soldier’s Story Cast

Jiang Long as Gou Sheng

Shi Ce as Song Yu Tao

Qin Hai Lu as Wang Mao Niang

You Yong as Ma Pei Zhong

Jiang Yi as Yang San

Liu Pei Qi as Bian Zi Ye

Wang Xin Jun as Support Role

Li Meng Nan as Wang Da Ju

Zhou Xian Xin as Xiao Cui Niang

Song Mu Zi as Hou Qi

Ye Liu as Nao Hai

Ma Bo as Gong Qi

Gao Xuan Ming as Xia Mi

Cidy Hou as Mu Jia Jun/ Mucun

Yang Zhen Ning as Jiye

Sun Da Chuan as Qiao Si Hu

Da Suo as Instructor

Zhang Jing Wei as Miao Chun Lai

Zhang Hao as Liu Zao Yu

Li Qi as Ye Da Dao

Tao Zui as Liang Hong

Jiang Shi Meng as Si Hu’s wife

Shen Bao Ping as Master Yi Kong

Bao Xiao Ping as Gang Pao

Li Gao Ji as Pang Guang

Zhang Hong Wei as Hei Tian

Shi Xiao Hu as Xiao Pang Dun

Cui Ke Fa as Zu Zhang

Wang Gang as Wang Ju Ren

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